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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

48 and proud.

Good afternoon.

It has come around yet again. Another Birthday for myself and the Queen. Congratulations on her birthday as well. The funny thing is I share mine with the Queen and my brother shares his with Prince Phillip. How strange is that?
So yes I am 48 today and feel very proud of shouting it from the boats roof. I am not one of those people who worries about my age. After all we cannot stop getting old.
The day began just like any other day. Got up a little later than usual at 8.30pm after a restless night. That was caused by yesterday's upheavals. I then walked his lordship Mr P in the morning sunshine, which was nice in the sunny bits, but bloomin chilly in the shade, after an overnight frost. After some breakfast, I decided I was doing no paintwork, or anything strenous today. I am having a day off. K and I walked down the town to get me a new mouse, as mine is beginning to pack up. I cannot copy and paste with my old one anymore, so it was time to spend £7.99 on a new one. The last of the big spenders. It was actually nice strolling down the town hand in hand. As K has not been getting out much, due to his pain. Having got back onboard, I made us Sausage and Egg rolls for lunch, which was extremely yummy. Because K and I no longer buy presents for each other. He is taking me out for a meal tonight at the Waterfront Restaurant, which will be lovely. No cooking or washing up for me, that will make a change. The Waterfront is really close to the boat, so not to far to go if K is not feeling to well later on. As Birthdays go this is a quiet one, which is fine right now.


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Hope your dinner was delish.

  2. Happy birthday! I have read your blog from the start and always enjoy it, though you often make me hungry! Have a good day!

  3. Good morning Jay, Marsha and Clare.

    Thank you for your Birthday wishes. I did have a lovely evening at the Waterfront. The meal was excellent. The day as a whole was very quiet. I hardly anything all day, which was very nice as things have been a little manic of late.
    May I wish you all a wonderful day.
    Thank you for reading my blog.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a lovely meal :)


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