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Thursday 29 April 2010

A complete pain.

Another Bank Holiday is almost upon us and the hire company here is very busy this morning preparing the eight boats that came in last night, ready for a turn around today. It is all go here with boats moving about, yellow hosepipes scattered about and the pumpout working over time. The cleaners are manic as they try and clean all the boats before the new tenants come to take their boats out. It is amazing how well it all works, when they have so much work to do, in such a short period of time. It works like a well oiled machine.
Over the past couple of months I have had a problem with my right shoulder. I think it is a combination of lifting coal, rubbing down and painting the boat. The muscle in my shoulder and upper arm, has been screaming at me everytime I use it. Despite taking pain killers, it has given me jip when I try to sleep. So yesterday, I bought some Musseltone Gel from my local chemist. It is suppose to repair the muscle and joint and should be rubbed in several times a day. On the first application I noticed a difference, with its cooling effect due to the mentol and by this morning, having used it a few times, my shoulder is already feeling much easier. I am continuing my pain killers as well and hope that my shoulder and arm will get better quickly. If this is not the case, I will have to give in and go and see the GP. I have been putting it off, because of looking after K. I cannot afford to be poorly in anyway at the moment.
Today has been an online day. With the weather closing in, it was a chance for me to do my Income Tax. So I posted my online Self-Assessment and it was accepted. Hooray that is done for another year. I then did a Tesco shop online, which will arrive next week. I really should go off-line now and get some real life jobs done. But it is raining and I really cannot be bothered. I still have some painting to do, but it cannot be done when it is raining. I also want to empty the engine room, so that I can paint the floor and possibly the ceiling if I have the time and weather on my side.
Ok I am going now, I have a Minced Beef Curry to make for dinner tonight and then I will decide what to do next. Have a lovely afternoon and evening.

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