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Friday 30 April 2010

Do you Quibble???

The Bank Holiday is nearly here. Some say it begins today. Having heard on our local radio that a quarter of us quibble over the bill when in a Restaurant, I wondered do you ever quibble???
Isn't it a lovely word Quibble, and yet it does not get used much these days.
So will you be quibbling this holiday weekend????

Ok with that off my mind, lets get back to blogging. Last night I took P out for his last pee of the evening and stood and watched as the bats flew around me. They are such amazing little creatures. I tried to see where they were coming from, but the little blighters were to quick for me. I never tire of seeing such things.
This morning another Mallard was out on the water with her new brood of six ducklings, quacking with all her might at any other duck that even got close to her family. It seems we have a killer Mallard in our midst, as there is one who has no young, but is determined to make sure the other females have no young either. Yesterday I witnessed her picking on a duckling. A Drake stepped in and managed to fight her off. It is a cruel world out there.
Already today, I have been down the town to buy our fruit and veggies for the weekend. I managed to go to the market as well and buy two pairs of combat trousers for £20. The gentleman who runs the stall has become a friend, and we always enjoy a good old conversation, which usually ends up with us trying to put the world to right. I love his combat trousers. Not only are they cheap, they wash really well. On a boat you never really want to wear anything which is to expensive, because it will always get covered in something nasty. You can always guarantee that whatever you get on your nice new trousers will never come out. So we either go to charity shops, or use markets. The gentleman with the clothes stall in the indoor market has lots of cheap clothing, which is ideal for boating in. Whilst in the town I was looking to buy a pair of tights for someone who needed them for this evening. Everywhere I went only sold tights in packets of either 3, 5 or 7 pairs. What has happened to just buying one pair. In the end I managed to buy one pair from Peacocks, so thank you Peacocks my friend can now go out this evening with her legs covered in your tights.
Back onboard and lunch was called for, so I made some sandwiches, as we are again having Curry tonight. My Curries always do us for two days and always tastes better on the second day, because the flavours have had time to come out properly.
In times of worry, K and I always turn to Chocolate and with all this uncertainty, today was such a day for Chocolate. We have a newsagents at the bottom of the road, so getting Chocolate is not difficult. I did not go for small bars, we both have a 230g bar each mmmmm, which will probably keep us going for a couple of days. I am not actually suppose to eat to much Chocolate, as I have a Nickel allergy and Chocolate is one of the biggest offenders for Nickel. Tea is the other big offender. But in times of worry a bar of Chocolate is my friend. So I have been watching the Friday film with a cup of coffee and my bar of Milk Chocolate. Now that is a great way to spend the afternoon.
This evenings dinner is going to be the Curry again with Cous Cous. Cous Cous you shout..... Yep we like it instead of rice sometimes. Afterwards I thought we may have Strawberries and Ice Cream. Have a lovely evening everyone.

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