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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Staples out and new drain in.

Well Keith went down to have his CT scan and new drain put in on the left hand side, which is draining yellow fluid out of his abdomen. They were going to put it in the right and Keith said No it is supposed to be in the left, after questioning it twice they checked the latest scan and apologised to Keith saying he was correct it should be the left grrrrrrrrr. He is very sore and so they have given him some Morphine, so hopefully he will sleep. They have taken his staples out after 15 days, which I photographed because Keith cannot see them and wants to know what they are like. The hospital surgeon stopped his antibiotics, which the naval surgeon was not so keen on doing so soon, but we shall see. If his temp goes up again they will put them back on. The new drain has to be kept in for at least another 4 to 5 days, so he will not be home just yet. They weighed him this morning and he has lost at least 2 stone, which does not surprise me. In himself he is fine, so lets hope he now improves and he can come home soon. It is just as well I go in everyday, because I am keeping his care up to my standard. The nurses seem to forget he is there some of the time, like he came back from having his new drain put in and they had it crossing his body and hanging down the right side with his other ones, which means it is not draining properly because it has to go uphill over his stomach first, so I questioned it and so they agreed and moved it to the left where the drain has been put in, common sense I would have thought. The tube is so long it is was lying on the floor, so I sorted it out and hung it off the bed rail. In himself he is bright and chatty, now we just need to get him eating proper food and get the drains out, so he can come home. We will see how the next few days go xxxxx


  1. So glad that a brighter light is now showing at the end of the tunnel, Tell the medics that far too many people are getting cramp from long-term crossed fingers over this!

  2. LMAO I could not agree more and I will pass this on.... Hope all is good with you x

  3. Hi Jo
    So glad Keith like myself has a good partner to fight his corner while in the hands of NHS.
    Give him our best wishes and keep everyone updated.

  4. Hi Les. I realise the NHS is stretched, but some of the things which have been going wrong are simple things which I feel should never happen. If I was not going in all day everyday, or Keith was frail and not with it, I dread to actually think what would happen. Glad to see your doing so well and have been off cruising. Cruising for us this year has been put on hold. Hugs to Jaqueline xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Gawd Jo,
    I'm not going there to have my tonsils out. I'd probably wake to find they had done a vasectomy!


  6. Hang on...... Keith isn't sore down "there" is he??? :-)

  7. Hi Tom and Jan he has been uncomfortable, but they have taken the catheter out today after a lot of pulling. At the moment he does not have a water infection thank goodness.


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