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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Still no good news.

I have been in to see Keith. When I got there he was in dreadful pain, as they had changed him and his bed. Moving him caused him extreme pain, so they gve him an injection to help with that. They are not able at present to manage his pain, so are waiting for the pain management team to visit again. He is on 100mg Tramadol, 5 mg Diazepam, Buscopan and Morphine and this should knock an Elephant out, but it is not even touching Keith's pain and they do not know why. He is to have two more bags of fluids and then they will revue him again. His temperature is up and down and the poor man is sweating so much because of the pain he is in. If his temperature spikes again they are to give him another antibiotic drip and call the doctor.
When I left him, he was a little more settled, but the nurse looking after him is concerned they cannot control his pain yet. She is excellent and filled me in with what the doctors had to say. So no good news yet, but maybe tomorrow.
Once again thank you for all your support, it really is helping. I passed on your messages to Keith. We love you all xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Narrowboat Blackstone14 January 2014 at 18:04

    Poor Keith. He really is having a bad time. Hope he recovers soon. Take care of yourself. Liz

  2. Jo just caught up with the blogs and so sorry to hear Keith tis poorly again. We wish him well and send our prayers too

  3. Hi Jo,
    So sorry to hear about Keith. I hope he gets well soon. You also take care.
    Love & Best Wishes to both
    Clare xxxx

  4. Good evening Jo,
    When the surgeon asked me to rate my gall bladder pain on a scale of 1-10, I told him 13. It sounds as though Keith is off the scale. He has my heart felt sympathy. My very best wishes to you both.


  5. Hi Jo and hello too to Keith. Thinking of you both. Terrible for Keith to be in so much pain and so awful for you to be suffering with him - I know how empathic you are. Do take care of yourself too, won't you.


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