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Sunday 15 January 2017

Change the nappies.

Hi Friends.

Here we are on a Sunday and the weather is a little yuck. Gone are the cold frosty days and are replaced with rain and more rain. I love the cold and frost more and if we have some snow thrown in that is even nicer.
Yesterday was a day for doing very little. It began as it always does with the cuppa, walking the dog, breakfast, stoking up the fire. I then did a laundry wash. Keith went off up to the Royal Mail sorting office, because the postman had left a note to say that they had a parcel for him which the postage had not been paid for. So off he went in the rain to collect the parcel and pay the £3.00 owing. The parcel was more trees for his railway layout. Laundry done and the time passing, I made a coffee and contemplated what to do next. Lunch was next on my list. The remains of the cottage pie were heated up and I did a few veggies and gravy. I am a big believer in using everything up in something, I and Keith hate waste. I never throw any food away unless it has gone totally rotten, I am not into sell or use-by dates, they are a load of hogwash.
After lunch, I decided I needed to stretch my legs and so walked into town to pick up Keith's nasal spray, which they did not have when I went in Thursday. Being a Saturday, the market was on in the centre of Warwick and because of the weather it was all rather quiet. I do not think the stall holders did very well. I collected Keith's spray and had a quick wander around the town, which helped with my steps for the day.
On my steps for the day. I try to do 10,000 steps a day, which equates to around 5 miles of walking a day. Both Keith and I started this after he was very poorly in 2014 and have kept it up ever since. Being honest, I do not always achieve this, but I do my very best.
Back home in the warmth of the boat, Keith was still working on his laptop. So I got on and made a coffee and then sat down and tackled the family tree again, this time I was looking at Keith's family, which has an interesting spin on it. Keith's great-grandfather found out when he was 15 years old that he did not have a legitimate father, so I am trying to find out more about his real father, who had the name of Middleton. This may prove to be problamatic, but I will give it my best.
Having done as much as I could for the evening, it was time to put the mouse away and put my feet up for a while. With the dark night still very much with us, all's I want to do is watch the TV in front of a roaring fire until bedtime.

So back to the beginning and it being Sunday. A day of rest it used to be called. Ha ha not when you live on a boat, because there is always things that need to be done and that was definitely right for me. My list of jobs for the morning, were to do the usual stuff, dog walking, breakfast, fires. But after all of that I lifted the floor in the back cabin to change the nappies. Yes there is where the title comes in. Before Christmas, I changed the nappies, which I put down to catch the condensation which gathers under the floors during the Winter. If I do not put nappies down then at the end of the Winter, I can end up bailing out over an inch of water from under the floors. I suspect many boaters do not realise this happens under their floors in the Winter. To get under the floor it means moving the coal box, which was almost empty, taking up the rag rugs and lino and then lifting up the wooden floor. Yep the nappies were well and truly sodden. Not sure if you can remember when toddlers walk around with heavy sodden nappies, they hang low. Well these nappies were well and truly sodden. I replaced them with nice dry ones and then put the flooring, lino and rag rugs back down. The coal box was then put back in place and a new bag of house coal was poured into it. I like to start the back cabin stove off with house coal. House coal does not burn as hot as some of the smokeless fuels. Back cabin all back to normal, with Marmite watching on from the side bed. All's she wanted, was for me to light the stove, but that would not be done till much later in the day. Next job was to get rid of the soggy nappies, fire ash which once cooled goes into old coal bags and to empty the good old toilet cassette. Out came the small trolley, I sat the cassette on it first, then the bag of soggy nappies and the ash bag on top. I trundled to the Elsan and bins to dispose of them all. I know not many ladies on boats likes doing the toilet cassette, but it has to be done and it has never bothered me.
Whilst I got on with all the jobs, Keith was trying in vain to load Adobe Photoshop on to my new laptop, unfortunately because the disc is old and scratched it would not load on to my laptop, which was odd, because it loaded on to his alright. It looks like we are going to have to buy a new disc.

The weather did not improve, so the rest of my day was spent, cooking doing the family tree, stoking the fire, doing the family tree.

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