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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Getting your just desserts

Hi Friends.

It has turned very middle over the past couple of day, but that is not set to last with a cold blast coming in towards the end of the week. I personally prefer the cold frosty days and if we can add some snow into the mix that would make me even happier.

There has been a media storm going on in Warwick for a few days now and it is over posters put up all around Warwick.
This is the poster which has caught the media attention. It began with the local press, but even the national press have heard seen the posters. They say a woman scorned is a dangerous person to cross and clearly Graham crossed the barrier and Linda has gotten her revenge. At first it was thought this was an advertising ploy by the company on the bottom of the poster, but the company who did the posters have said that Linda is a real person and she did have the posters made.
Have you been cheated on and what did you do to get your revenge?

I am not a vengeful person and so not sure I would have the guts to do what this lady has done. I think you do have to be careful, but on the other hand go girl go. One thing is certain, it has not done Warwick any harm or the company who made the poster.

I still have not begun my cross stitch, I have been far to busy playing with the family tree. It has been all absorbing and addictive. The joy has been finding birth certificates and marriage information of family members.  Yesterday pretty much my whole day, was taken up with doing the tree before my 14 days free trial ended. Having gotten all the information together, I then closed the trial down because £119 for 12 months is a lot of money to pay. I can understand why people would pay it, but for me it is to much.

So here we are on Tuesday and it was a mild dull start. I did not wake up until 7.30 am and that was only because Keith was stirring. We had our first cup of tea of the day before getting up and taking Paddy for his morning stroll.
That dog sure knows how to sleep, he never gets out of bed until he hears me getting dressed. After feeding him and Marmite, Keith and I had our breakfast and then the days chores began. Firstly I went and did a laundry wash and had a natter with our neighbour. The laundry is always a great place for a chat and usually where you see some of the other winter boaters. I wanted to clean the saloon flue and fill the water tank, so with Paddy needing his weight checked, I got Keith to walk Paddy to the vets and I got on with cleaning the saloon flue again. Thankfully it was not to bad this week. After putting the brushes away, I then got the hosepipe out, connected it to the tap which is up the path from our boat. To fill our water tank, I have to climb onto the bow of our boat, because the water tank opening is on the port side of the boat. Hosepipe in the tank and water turned on, I left it to fill away, which I got on with hoovering the boat out and washing the floors. Keith and Paddy were back from the vets and Paddy's weight has stayed stable, which is good news.
Lunch today was the remainder of the Chicken and Banana Curry, which was lovely. We had fresh fruit salad with yogurt for pudding. This whole eating healthy lifestyle does make you feel better, but there is absolutely no reason why we cannot have treats as well.
With no other jobs to do, the afternoon will be spent doing very little and who knows I may even do some cross stitch.


  1. Jo, if you have ancestors in a particular county (mine on dads side are all from Devon so far) you can see if there is a local records office, there are two for me, I can access the ancestry info for free from there, and also book a desk/microfiche reader, the people here are really helpful. I found it useful to book/call in when visiting family. You can order/pay for photocopies of the info you find if you wish. Certainly worth thinking about. Caroline

  2. It's a good idea not to extend the trial with Ancestry. I had a 12 month account and then cancelled it. They keep offering discounts to re-open it. Last one was 30% off.
    It is addictive when you get going properly. I got back to 8x great grandparents on both sides of the family. Included bargees on both sides in late 1800's. 2 great aunts were apparently named after their parents boats. Sabina and Demarus.

  3. Hi Caroline.

    Thank you for your message, which has given me an idea. I have just signed up with the library and will use them. I am going to check if Warwick has a records office, because I know from my family history that at least 3 families lived in Warwick in the 1800's, so worth asking.
    Kind regards Jo

  4. Hi Steve. Thank you for your message.
    It is very addictive. How amazing that you have managed to go back that far. Both my grand fathers are still a mystery, but I will keep going.
    Kind regards Jo

  5. This is the records office in Warwick http://heritage.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwickshire-county-record-office/county-record-office-collections/county-record-office-collections-guides/ Caroline

  6. Hi Caroline.

    Thank you for the link. We must have been thinking alike, because I went and googled it and hey presto I found the same place. I know where the place is, so will be paying them a visit.

    Kind regards Jo


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