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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Deep sadness.


Today is a sad day, because the waterways community has lost another fine and honourable boater.


We received the news from Jaqueline this morning, that we knew was coming, but it does not make it any less painful. Les off of Narrowboat Valerie passed away at 9.09 am this morning (Tuesday 24th January) after a bravely fought battle against Cancer.

Les was one of the first people we met in 2005, when we took our boat up the Caldon Canal. We moored up in front of  his boat Valerie at Consal Forge. Les was a kind, warm hearted friend, who was always welcoming.

When Les married Jaqueline in 2011, his life was complete, he had found his soulmate. Life is so cruel to those who deserve much more time together. Heaven has claimed another angel way to soon.

Be at peace my dear and we will see you on the other side.

It's my time to go.
-·=»‡«=·-<< ~~*~~ -·=»‡«=·- ~~*~~ >>-·=»‡«=·-
It's time you know, I have to go,
The time has come I think you know,
He is now calling so I have to go,
I love you so my love my life;
I wish it wasn't so that I have to go,
I wish I could stay to see you grow,
I don't want to go but my time has come,
You're my best friend, lover and soul mate,
So kind and gentle, always there I know,
I'll never forget the day that we met,
I was so lucky to become your mate.
You opened you door and showed me your heart,
I'll never forget you; we'll never be apart,
You loved me and cared for me over the years,
You taught me everything and took away my fears.
He is calling now so I must go,
But before I go I want you to know,
I know it hurts to lose my love,
But I will be here right by your side,
And making plans within your mind,
I will be there when you make your coffee,
And when you sleep at night, in your dreams,
Think sweet things of me, for I have never left.
He is now calling so I have to go,
I love you so my sweet love,
It's my time to go.

Written by Jo Lodge

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