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Saturday 12 October 2019

Shingles and a touch of hard work.

Hello family, friends and followers.

You know how it goes. You just think you are getting on top of things and life throws you another curve ball. Yes we had that curve ball thrown at us on Friday. On Monday I noticed that Keith had what looked like a spot on his forehead. I thought he got caught by one of the branches off the trees we removed from our new mooring. On Tuesday/Wednesday it seemed to be getting bigger and more angry. Keith was then complaining his head hurt and on Friday morning I made him ring the GP to ask advice. She booked him in with the nurse who diagnosed Shingles. Because the Shingles seemed to be affecting his left eye, she sent us immediately to the University Hospital, Coventry, because if Shingles affects the eyes, it can cause you to go blind. When I say immediately, it took us almost three hours to travel there, because we had to go by bus. So we caught the X17 to Coventry and then the Number 4 to the hosptial. What we did not know what the Number 4 takes you on a tour of the bloomin city. Anyway we arrived at the hospital and found the emergency eye clinic, where he was seen as soon as we arrived. We were all done and dusted within an hour. Keith has antiviral tablets and some gel for his eye. We then caught the Number 9 bus back into the city, this was much quicker, the X18 to Warwick and the number 1 back to the gate outside the Arm. All in all it was a very long day, but at least Keith can now be on the mend.
Even with Shingles Keith was keen to get on with some jobs. So having recieved our chicken wire on Friday, we got on with fixing it to our fencing. Now our mooring is completely dog-proof, and NO we are still not getting a new dog.
We have had a busier day than we had planned, but we have achieved a lot. Having done the chicken wire this morning, this afternoon we cleared the patio area. We moved the two large planters which were on the pontoon, complete with earth still in them, to their new location at the front of the patio. We have also moved our table and chairs to the patio, this has cleared space on our pontoon, which is now looking much tidier :-). I am looking forward to planting the planters up for the Spring and enjoying sitting out with a coffee or something stronger :-).
That is it for the day. Time to put my feet up until tea time at least.

Pop back soon xxx

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