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Thursday 27 February 2020

Snow...... What snow?

Dear family, friends and followers.

Ok, who forgot us when the snow fell overnight?
We did not see so much as a flake, which has made me very sad. Everyone I have spoken to on facebook, has had at least a dusting of the glorious white stuff and yet we did not see a thing. Diddly squat as far as snow, but we did have yet more rain. Once we were up and about the rain stopped, allowing a bright orange ball to shine. It seems a while since we had any significant sunshine, but today we were blessed with lots of it and when the breeze dropped it felt like Spring had sprung.
I am still in getting ready mode, which meant today's task was to get the hold ready to take on coal. To take on coal, I needed to do some tidying. I took out all the things we would not be needing on our trip and stowed them away else where. I hoovered the hold out and then began to put things in we will be taking with us. The coal will be the last thing to go in. It also gave me an opportunity to get rid of things which have not been used and are never likely to be used again. I always find it so refreshing to throw things away. I even got rid of a couple of old camping chairs. With the hold sorted, I turned my attention to lunch and coffee, which contemplating what my next job would be.
After lunch Keith took himself off to Leamington-Spa to pick up some bits from Halfords. We like to make sure we have plenty of oil for the engine and generator on board because we will need to do an oil change whilst out, he also stocked up with de-ionised water for the batteries, because they will need topping up whilst we are out. Whilst he was out, I went out and did a few bits in the garden.
The Rhubarb is coming along leaps and bounds now. I will not get a crop off it this year, I want to let it settle in, but it is great to see it thriving.
The log pile and home of our Bank Voles, got a new cover, because I suspected the old one was leaking. Hopefully the Bank Voles will be nice and snug now. I have not seen them for a few days, so I am hoping they are alright. I have put food out today, but not seen them take it, which makes me concerned. It maybe they are just snoozing of course. Yesterday there was a local cat around our garden, which may mean the voles are in hiding.
I moved one of our nest boxes and put it in the hedgerow, with the hope that perhaps one of the Robins may take to it this breeding season. Bob the Robin still comes for breakfast every morning and he is getting ever more brave. But I still have not had fed him.
Daffodils are out.
Black Currant bush in bud.
Gooseberry bushes are also in bud.
More of my wild Strawberry plants are in flower. It looks like we may have a good crop this year. Of course with us going cruising, we will miss much of the fruit coming and so the birds may have a lovely feast.
My afternoon in the garden ended with me filling up the water tank. I will be on dinner duty soon and then it will be feet up for the evening. I know we have on Film4 tonight Conan the Barbarian made in 2011 with Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones fame. He is very pleasant on the eye, so I think we may give that a watch tonight. It has to be better than the one Arnold Schwarzenegger did in 1982. I will let you know what I thought in my next posting.
Yesterday (Wednesday) evening we watched Daddy's Home and Daddy's Home 2 on Film4. Now I was really unsure as to whether I would enjoy either of these films, because normally anything like that is really daft and annoying, but I have to say I did find them both quite funny. Mel Gibson who was in the second film is most definitely looking old these days, or someone did a brilliant make-up job on him. Anyway I did enjoy both films.

Oh joy of joys. We had Ciara and Dennis and now we have Jorge coming for the weekend and no he is not coming on board our boat. It is yet another blooming storm. Geesh we have had more than enough rain. This will make things so much worse for all of those who are dealing with the floods. My heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with being flooded out. There is so much going on all over the world at the moment, what with the Coronovirus, flooding, dust storms, fires, wars and everything else, anyone would think someone hates this planet and is trying to end it. One can only hope that for everyone around the world, things settle down to some sort of normality.
On that thought provoking note, I will sign off for today.

Pop back soon xxx

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