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Monday, 25 January 2021

Let it snow.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Wooo hoo we have had snow. Sunday morning we woke to some of the white stuff, falling from a leaden sky. At first it was powdery, but then the flakes got bigger and bigger and by 10am, we had quite a covering. This bought me a lot of joy, because I am a child when it comes to snow. The more the merrier, as far as I am concerned.

I would be more than happy to be snowed in. I guess being in lockdown, it would make no difference for us if we were snowed in. Of course I know for some it is a nightmare for travelling to work, but hey I still want lots of snow. 
It felt very festive and yes we still have the tree up in the Arm. It is giving us a lot of cheer and keeping our spirits up, whilst we wait for lockdown to end. If we had, had enough snow, I was quite prepared to go out and make a snowman, but by mid afternoon the snow had stopped and it was already melting. It never lasts for long in this country sadly. Having spent Sunday admiring the snow, it soon began to melt, until it froze overnight down to -5.6c. During the afternoon, I had a wonderful Zoom call with my wonderful girls. We spent a good hour and a half, just talking about anything and everything. They are both so precious and it is a joy having them back in my life. It is amazing how quickly the time goes when you are having fun.
After the frost overnight, it looked all white again. We were up early, because Keith had a phone call with his physio for the last time, because we seem to have gotten his pain under control and he now has the exercises to do for his Arthritis. I did not go far from the boat in the morning, because it was slippery underfoot, and I do not want to end up in A&E, holding up the NHS, when they are already stretched, so I stayed around the pontoon area, did all the boat chores and then got back inside where it was warm. 
After lunch, I decided to venture out into the Arm with my big camera to take some photographs.
The heat of the sunshine, was beginning to melt the snow and warm the air, which means the snow will not be around for long.
The birds were looking for food and were singing a merry tune. The sun must have really warmed their feathers. 
Monday has been a quiet day. No shopping delivery, that is coming tomorrow afternoon, which means all hands on deck for that, especially if it is still slippery underfoot. This coming week, apart from the food delivery, I am doing spelling with our grandson again, which will be an absolute delight. We will see what the week brings.
Until I post again. Stay safe and well and please look after one another.

Pop back soon xxx

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