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Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Morning At Foxton.

Hi Folks.

It has been the most beautiful morning here at Foxton. The sun was shining bright and early, with the temperature rising, as the hours crept by. Having walked his Lordship P early, we got to have a good run out across the field and I saw this little gem.
The flower is a Monkey Orchid and was the only one there. It is a real beauty. P was of course oblivious of this little gem, all's he was interested in was the rabbit holes.

After some breakfast K and I walked up to Rural Trading. Susan has set up shop in the old Skittle Alley of the Black Horse Inn and is doing a roaring trade with villagers and boaters a like. For boaters it is a much needed asset and we look forward to using her services. I have also agreed to supply them with coal over the winter for their village customers, which to me is fantastic, because we can make use of each others services. I look forward to working with her come October. Whilst there I bought some bacon, which we will have for breakfast one of these mornings.

Having left Rural Trading, we walked to the top of Foxton Locks, and spoke to the Lock Keeper Mike about going up in the morning. The locks are unlocked at 8am, so we will be probably one of the first boats up them. We of course passed the time of day with him for some 20 minutes, before walking down to Bridge 61 and a coffee was called for.
It is now getting hot, so having pulled Hadar forward into a better mooring spot, we have managed to get a digital TV signal, so perfect TV pictures for the football today. As I type Argentina and South Korea are playing and it is 0-0 at the moment.
I am now off to make some lunch. Have a good day everyone.


  1. Ok, apparently you care about soccer since you are trying to have the signal on the TV t be able to see the football games. I hope you cheered for Argentina. If you did not, you must be sad now since they won. I always want Argentina to win as I have been in that country and I know how much they care about soccer. I was there in the last world cup in Germany. I was watching the last game in one of those buenos aires apartments that I had rented and had a super cool TV and when Argeentina lost, I felt terrible, so did most of Argentineans.
    Hope they win this time!

  2. Hi Brittany.
    Lovely to hear from you. I am not a huge Football fan, but when it comes to the World Cup, I do love to sit and cheer on teams.
    You will be pleased to know, I was routing for Argentina. I actually think they could win this World Cup. No matter what people feel or think about Maradonna, he has got his players focused and they all clearly adore him. I am enjoying watching his antics from the sideline. Good luck to them and all of the other teams involved. Thank you for posting.

  3. You are welcome, very nice blog, and don´t miss this match on Sunday against Mexico, I´m sure Argentina will win, the problem can be when they have to face Germany, but we´ll worry about that later! Nice blog!


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