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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Art Fresco.

Good evening folks.

Having had a our lunch, we strolled down to check out the Arts Fresco Event in Market Harborough. It was the second year for this event and there were acts from all over the country and Europe. What was also wonderful, was the fact that the whole town got involved. Shops, restaurants, cafe's and much more opened for the day, making it a splendid affair for all. It was hoped that they would top the 20,000 who turned up last year. The hope was more than 25,000 would turn up to support the towns efforts. Keith and I caught up with a few of the people from Hfm again. Moley was very busy blowing up balloons at one point.
Lord of the Bins..... This was quite ironic because the litter bins provided were all full of rubbish. They really needed someone to come around and empty them at certain times, during the fabulous event. The crowds of people were treated to some wonderful street entertainers. Some a little stranger than others. This mechanical Elephant paraded through the town and look magnificent. It was well worth the stroll.


  1. Well Jo, all I can say is - they/you were lucky with the weather.
    Fancy organising an 'Arts Fresco' event in England with 20,000 people in .....September!
    I got rain on Saturday morning, :(
    but at least it was dry today, so "some you win, some you loose."

  2. Hi Bernard. It is held the same time each year. The problem I think Harborough has it has so many things going on, that the calender is always full. Over the weekend, there were several Coffee Mornings, one of which we went to as it was raising money for local school and was organised by one of the Hfm presenters we know. They also had the Lubenham Scarecrow festival on, so I am not sure any weekend is particularly a good weekend, and no one ever knows what the british weather will do. As it was they had one short sharp shower, but it did not affect the day. It was nice to have something a little different. Like you say some you win, some you loose.


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