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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cream Crackered.

Hi Friends.

Wow what a day we have had. It has been an extremely long day for us, but also a fantastic day's cruising.
We are now at the Welford Arm, having cruised for 8 hrs and 35mins, doing 17.4 miles and 9 locks. I lost count of how many bridges we went under, or how many boats we saw on the move. It was a very busy day on the water. At the Watford flight I walked up the flight to find the lock keeper to be told there were five boats coming down, so I made us both a coffee and Keith and I helped set the bottom two locks for the five boats coming down. It made sense to help out, so that they could be on their way and we could get up the flight. Keith enjoyed himself chatting to the lockie and I was chatting to the guy who is working on the lock cottage. NB Return to Sender was on one of the boats coming down with Diana and Brian on board. They were in need of some coal, so I unloaded it as we exited the lock, so they could collect it when they entered our lock. Such planning could only be thought of by a woman hahaha, sorry guys. Apparently Diana reads our other blog and has done so for a number a years, which is very sweet of her. maybe next time we will get to chat longer to them both.
I would post more but I am cream crackered, so will have my dinner which is cooking and then relax for the rest of the evening.


  1. "What would you like to know??????" asks you.

    Well, I don't wish to pry into your domestic life but.....how do you manage with laundry on a boat?
    I'm not referring to intimate bits, or bits that can be hand washed.
    I mean towels, sheets and the big stuff like that?
    Just curious. :)

  2. Hi Bernard.

    I do not mind you asking at all.
    We are fortunate to have a compact washing machine on board, which will take up to 3.5kg. So all the washing goes into that.
    I do sometimes hand wash, but not if I can help it lol.
    The lack of laundrettes prompted us into having the washing machine put on this boat. I also have the luxury of a tumble drier for when we are on the electric. Our engine room is a fabulous drying room when we are on the move.

  3. I've got a full sized bosch washing/drying machine on my narrowboat. There was no compromise hehe

  4. Hi Soulgirl. We went for the compact version because of how much water they use and also we only have a small living space. It does us both great. It is horses for courses.
    It is all about having what you want when you live on a boat.


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