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Friday, 17 September 2010

Coffee and cake.

Hi Folks.

It was another very chilly beginning to the day, so yep you guessed it, I have lit the back cabin stove again. The one saving grace is that the wind has finally dropped.
This morning Paddy and I walked across the field. Ok I walked he went off like a steam train until he saw a digger going to work in the field. What is odd, is this digger has been digging up trenches all over this field and I have no idea why. I am wondering if it has something to do with the plans which have been spoken about for a new housing estate and marina. But when we spoke to the firm involved they told us it would not happen for many years. Maybe something happened sooner than they thought. Anyway the sight of this digger put Paddy off of running across the field. He did an about turn and legged it back to the boat.
After breakfast and a cuppa, Keith and I strolled into town to get a few bits and bobs. Keith wanted some electrical wire and a back box for a switch. We also bought some radiator paint, some drawing pins and air freshers. We called into the indoor market and had a coffee. 80p for a mug of coffee, is much more favourable than £2.50 at Costa Coffee. The Tea Cakes looked so inviting, we treated ourselves (last of the big spenders). The walk back to the boat always seems to take longer, because you have to walk up hill for most of it. It certainly gives you a workout.
We took the decision to move closer to Market Harborough for the weekend, with a view to mooring up on the 48 hour moorings. So having prepared the boat for the off, we managed to get ourselves off of the mud and did the 25 minute cruise. We are moored on the wharf before the narrows before the last bend into Union Wharf. We do not know the name of the wharf, so will have to find out if it has one. It is beside the footpath that gives access to Logan Crescent. Before knocking in our mooring pins, I walked up to the basin to see if there were any moorings out on the towpath. There was only one mooring on the 48 hr moorings and as the water level is down, we know we cannot get in there. So we decided to stay put.It was time for cake and coffee. Before settling down to get some e-mails and internet browsing done. I am on the look out for some small wooden storage draws. We want to put them under our printer, as there is space being wasted and that is never a good idea on a boat. But so far, I have not found what I am looking for. I want something like what is in this photograph, but getting it seems to be difficult. I am sure I will eventually find something similar. Storage on a boat is extremely important, especially when you have very little room like us.
Before I sign off, I want to say congratulations to Jamie and Jools on the birth of their son Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver. Jamie and Jules already have three daughters - Poppy Honey, eight, Daisy Boo, seven, and Petal Blossom, 17 months. I am sure Jamie was very excited on the birth of his first son.


  1. I have seen little drawers exactly like that in Ikea.. not sure if any near you?

  2. Hi Jo,
    You have mentioned several times, on this and previous posts, about getting stuck on the mud, or not being able to get in close to the bank.
    Is this a common problem for all boats? Or is it because your boat, loaded with coal, is low in the water?
    Just curious. :)

  3. Good morning LadyB. I have been looking on the Ikea website, but cannot find them. Maybe we need to find a store and go and have a look. Thank you for that idea though.

    Good morning Bernard.

    The problem is not a new one. The old working boats had smimilar problems due to a deeper draft than the new modern boats. At the moment we are 2ft 6 inches draft all the way along the boat, so she is sitting pretty low, but not as low as some of the old boats which can sit up to 3ft and more in the water.
    These days the problem is getting worse because British Waterways does not do enough dredging. This is due to the cost and the manpower. Not only that they do not dredge where it is most needed. We have noticed they seem to dredge the hireboat routes quite a lot though. Many of the modern boats do not have an issue because they are built with a shallower draft.


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