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Monday, 3 June 2013

Back at Laughton Hills.


The Red Campion as the sun was going down.


The sun setting whilst a spider spins its web.

Travelled 5.9 miles, worked 10 locks in a time of 4 hours 15 minutes.

It is so nice to wake up to the sun shining and a cracking start to the week.

We set off at 9.15am set of for Debdale Wharf to fill up with diesel.


I walked up to the swing bridge and got it ready for Keith to being the boat through. Ian and Lizzy on NB Quo Vardis we moored up waiting to go up the locks, so we gave them a wave as we passed by.


Diesel tank filled.


Moored outside the wharf was Mike and Marian on NB Duxllandyn, who very kindly take the time to read our blog. It was lovely to meet them and have a natter about all things boating. We really do appreciate it when people take the time to sit down and read our blogs. So Mike and Marian if your reading this Thank You and we hope to meet up with you again sometime.


having said “Cheerio” to Mike and Marian, we headed back to Foxton to wait our turn to go up the locks.


We waited outside Bridge 61 patiently for our turn, drank coffee and chatted to the visiting public. The sun was really lovely and I can see me topping up my tan over the next few days. 12.15pm and it was our turn to head up the locks.


There were plenty of visitors watching us climbing the flight with the help of Tony and Peter the volunteer lock keepers.


1pm we made it to the top and headed off for our mooring at Laughton Hills.

Laughton Hills (2)[3]

All moored up at 2pm and we will spend the next few days painting the boat, as the weather forecast is favourable for painting, I also want to do some varnishing as well. We will then be off to get our coal delivery at Welford.


  1. Jo you have surpassed yourself once again. The photo of the sunset is stunning.


  2. We came down Foxton Locks in a hire boat a few years ago and enjoyed every one of them. I did not realise then how famous they were but loved how well they are kept. We'll definitely take more notice when we pass through them next time.
    warmest regards

  3. Irene thank you. It was truly stunning xx

  4. Hi Steve.
    We love the flight at Foxton. They are probably the easiest locks to do providing you remember the red paddle first then the white.


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