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Friday, 7 June 2013

Boat Painting Day 4.

With the majority of paint work done on the port side, it was touching up on the white coach line and painting the white hoops on the mop.


Whilst I did all that Keith touched up the white on the water cans. 

As the morning wore on and the sun got hotter, Keith noticed a Hare wandering up the towpath and so went off to follow it. He tracked it to the field on the opposite bank and so I took my camera and tripod and went off to photograph the Hare.


There seemed to be two pairs of Hares and they were having a good game of chase. This is the most I have seen together this year and they seemed quite happy for me to be there. Normally they run off into the undergrowth.


When I got back to the boat, we had been joined by Jan and Tom on NB Waiouru. We spent a good hour chatting on the towpath, putting the world to right and having a good old laugh. 


After a late lunch, we then all sat out on the towpath, soaking up the sun and finished off our nattering. I reckon we covered all subjects and yes this did include boat toilets. It was great to chat to like minded people and to hear all about there adventures. After the boat building disaster from hell, which they had been through, it is amazing they have come out of it very sane, for many it would have been the last straw and now Waiouru is a credit to them and their determination to get the boat finished. She is a lovely boat and their pride and joy.

Before we knew it, it was almost 7pm and so a late dinner was cooked. It has been a fabulous day with wonderful company.

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