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Saturday, 8 June 2013

In to Welford.

Map picture

Travelled 6.3 miles, worked 1 lock in a time of 2 hour 20 minutes.

It was a very leisurely start to the day with a bit of a lie in and the usual morning cup of tea in bed. It was gone 9.30am before we were ready for the off and before we left our mooring of the past couple of days, we had a chat with Jan and Tom on NB Waiouru who were also on their way heading to Foxton. It was a treat to spend the day with them yesterday and I am sure we will see them again before long.


Keith was very creaky this morning, because his back locked up yesterday whilst standing at the work bench and now he is walking like an old man with grumps and groans along the way. Everything he did this morning was done with an expression of pain on his face.


10am we left the mooring waving to Jan and Tom as we left. It was onward to Husbands Bosworth Tunnel. I put a wash on whlst on the move.


Out the other end and the wash was done and hung in the engine room to dry.


11.25am we were at the junction with Welford. Up the Welford Arm I worked the lock and then we pulled in above the lock and I walked further down the arm to see if there were any moorings.


Mooring found we are now moored up, lunch has been eaten and so now the afternoon is my own. On Monday we have a coal delivery coming, so we are ready for that to happen.

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  1. Hi Jo, Keith and Paddy,

    Thank you for all the information and advice. We're now on a quiet mooring short of bridge 60. We will make sure we catch up again and make sure you have an empty usb stick for Keith :-)


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