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Monday, 24 June 2013

Moored in Market Harborough Basin

Map picture

Travelled 6.1 miles, worked 10 locks in a time of 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Having spent a lovely weekend at the top of Foxton Locks, it was time to leave and head for Market Harborough.

We left the mooring at 8.45am and waited at the top of the flight for three boats to come up before we could head down. 10am and it was our turn to descend the locks, which I think are the easiest on the system and with a glorious view.

We arrived at the bottom some 45 minutes later and I went to work the swing bridge whilst Keith moved the boat, only to find the swing bridge ready for us which was nice. On our way to the Foxton village swing bridge Keith dropped me off in the bridge ‘ole and I walked up to the swing bridge to get it ready. I put my key in the electronic box and turned the key, which allowed me to close the barriers, but I then could not pull the leaver which allows me to push the darn bridge and no matter how I tried it would not budge, even Keith tried and nope it was having none of it, so Keith got on the phone to the Canal and River Trust and they sent Dave out who was working at the locks to come and see if he could get it working. I knew that the hire company in Market Harborough would be sending out their boats, so I rang them to let them know the swing bridge was broken, so they could hold their boats back for a while. He tried all the things we had tried and no joy, but he then had a brain wave, because a couple of years ago they had the same problem. He wiggled one of the posts about which secures the towpath side barrier when its closed and hey presto it worked, but it only worked if he held the post, as soon as he let go we could not move the bridge, so clearly they have a problem and it needs sorting quickly, because there is no way a single hander can hold the post, work the bridge and move their boat at the same time. Anyway whilst Dave held the post I opened the swing bridge allowed another boat through who had been waiting with us and then Keith followed through with our boat. I then rang the hire company to let them know someone was on hand to help their boats through when they got to Foxton. I just hope it is fixed for tomorrow as we have a food delivery arriving at Foxton tomorrow and we are due to be helping set up for the festival on Wednesday.

We finally got away from Foxton village at 12.20pm and made our way into Market Harborough.

union wharf

We moored up in the basin at 2pm and collected out post. having chatted to Linda on NB Phoenix a facebook friend we walked down into the town and got a few things done,  which I will post more about on Friday. Yep I am going to keep you in suspense ha ha ha.

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