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Thursday, 27 February 2014

A few days on.

Hello, hello, hello.

An update on me and my Palpitations. Well I saw the practice nurse and she did BP, Sats, and checked to see if I had a beating heart and it appears my diagnosis of Palpitations was correct, which was a huge relief in many ways. She recommended me trying Kalms, which is a herbal remedy, rather than taking anything stronger, which I was of course happy to go with. Two tablets three times a day and see how I go was her recommendation and I have to say, so far so good. The Palpitations have settled a lot, that could be due to the tablets or due to the fact I have been sleeping better since Keith came home. Anyway I am fine.

Keith has been taking things easy, with a short walk in the Arm each day, to try and build up his muscle tone. I am not going to allow him to over do it, so it is gently does it. He is eating much better already and enjoying everything I cook for him. Today’s delight was Liver, mashed Potato, Peas and Carrots. The Liver was good for the iron, which he probably needs as well. I am happy cooking what ever he fancies at the moment.

A part from doing short walks every day, Keith is able to lounge in his recliner and watch Film 4 during the day, which will do him the world of good whilst he still recovers. He tried stopping the Paracetamol, but has gone back on to them due to pain coming back. So we will leave it a few more days before trying that again.

Everyone has been so wonderful with messages online on the blogs and facebook, but also our friends around us have given us such wonderful support. It is at times like this when you realise who your real friends are.

Paddy is still happy to have his dad home. He keeps going up to Keith to make sure he is really home, whereas Marmite could not careless. Paddy would really love to get up on to Keith’s lap for his cuddle, but that is not possible yet, so he has to come on my lap instead. Marmite did jump on Keith this morning, and thankfully there was no damage done.

Today I have ordered a new mattress for our back cabin bed. We have had the old one for some 6 years now and it has done its job. With Keith’s bad back and my sciatica a  new mattress was called for and with Keith not having any meat on his bones at the moment, he is finding the old mattress really uncomfortable. We went to Foamforcomfort, who were actually the only company who answered our e-mails or phone calls. One company actually asked us to send a template of the mattress. Duhhh if your a company that makes mattresses, should you not know what one looks like, especially as wen gave them all the dimensions. They did not get our business, but Foamforcomfort did. We now look forward to our delivery and a really comfortable nights sleep.

The weather is doing strange things. It is very mild and so we get sun one minute and showers the next. It must think it is already April.


All the bulbs we planted in the Arm last November are coming out.


Seeing the bulbs blooming has been a real delight for Keith, because he thought he may miss it all. So yesterday’s jaunt was to see the bulbs in bloom.


  1. Was well chuffed to read that Keith was home with his Jo. :-)

  2. So glad your heart problem is resolving! And it's wonderful to hear how well the mister is doing. With all that good food and TLC it won't be long until all is well in the world. Marmite does care but she is a cat and is still worried Keith might leave again! Those flowers are lovely and so cheerful!

  3. Jo, So pleased to see that Keith is home at last it must be a great relief for you. You have looked after him so well what with sleepless nights and all.

    Now you both need some rest and relaxation which I am sure you will get for yourselves.

    Glad too that you are well, that is important and will leave you stronger to look after Keith.

    Good news all round, very good news

    Take care you both xx


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