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Monday 31 March 2014

A busy day in the garden.

A bit of a dull start to the day, but with the promise of sunshine, Keith and I decided it would be another day in the garden. So after doing all the usual boat chores and morning stuff, Keith and I walked into town to buy 2 large pots for our Clematis plants. Keith is finding walking a little easier since having his t-tube out, but he still gets tired easily and must not over do things. We went to the Factory Shop and not only did we buy pots for the Clematis plants we also ended up buying some rose bushes, another Clematis, and some chilli & pepper seeds. Keith also wanted a Blueberry bush and with them all being £2 each we decided it was worth the money.





After planting the Clematises and the roses, I then spent the afternoon digging the shrubbery garden belonging to the trust. I have volunteered to keep the raised beds tidy, but to get them there, they need a lot of weeding and sorting out. Whilst I dug and weeded, Keith collected more pebbles and stones for our rockery, which is now looking good.


The rockery now just needs a few more plants.


Yesterday I planted out our Runner Bean plants. So I am hoping they will thrive and we will have plenty of beans. I still have Lettuce and Carrot seeds to go in. Now that the soil is warming up I hope to get them in over the next few days.


There was a casualty today. Marmite decided to try and jump up on to the roof of the boat and she missed. So we ended up with one very soggy moggy, who was so unimpressed with being wet. Thankfully because she wears a harness and a lead when outside, I was able to grab old of her harness and pull her out from underneath the pontoon where she had swum. I dried her off with a towel, which did not please her either. She looked like a very pathetic pussy cat.


Jack our neighbour very kindly gave us a couple of Gooseberry bushes, which I planted along side the steps. I am not a lover of them, but Keith is so, he will be beating them alone should they fruit.

All in all it has been a busy old day in the garden.


It was not until later this afternoon, that I noticed that the roof of the boat was covered in a film of dust. It turns out that this dust has come from the Sahara Desert. Unusual atmospheric conditions have blown up a sandstorm from Africa over 2,000 miles away and the UK got hit. It is supposed to rain, so hopefully it will get washed away.

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