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Monday, 24 March 2014

I despair.

I really do wonder how on earth the NHS manages to survive. As you may have read previously Keith had his Liver blood test 2 weeks ago and was told they would send an appointment for his t-tube removal through the post. To be doubly sure they would not forget, I rang the ward clerk to check they had put in for the appointment to be told "Oh yes it has been ordered". We have sat and waited patiently, because we realise these things take time, but when your told they will take the t-tube out in a week or two, you do expect to get an appointment quickly. So two weeks on we have heard nothing, so with nothing in the post this morning,  I rang the ward again this afternoon to see if an appointment had actually been booked yet. The ward clerk was not there, but the ward manager (sister) told me she would ring me back after she had spoken to a doctor, which she did within 15 minutes. I was told by the ward sister, that according to the booking clerk nothing had been booked (which is odd, she told me 2 weeks ago she had booked it), so the ward manager then rang the consultants secretary to be told there was nothing till May :0(. BUT if we wanted to go to the ward this week they could do it. (Confused, why can they do something this week, which will take till May in Out Patients). So we are going to the ward tomorrow for a blood test first and if that is ok, they will remove the t-tube. (Fingers Crossed).
Now why could they not book that in the first place, when we were there 2 weeks ago?
Why oh why make Keith more and more anxious. I despair I really do.
This morning Paddy jumped up at Keith completely by accident and caught his tube and bag, which caused Keith a lot of pain, so that was a worry. Thankfully that has settled down. But the sooner the tube comes out the better. May is not an option, because they told us it would come out in a fortnight after his last blood test. Left hand, right hand comes to mind.

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