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Wednesday 5 March 2014

Trundling on.

Time flies when your having fun it seems and it has been over a week now since Keith came home from the hospital. He is having his good and iffy days, but eating wise he is doing much better.

Our day starts with a cuppa in bed and then I get up and stoke the saloon stove up whilst Keith watches the news in bed. I will take Paddy for his walk and when I get back I make Keith something for his breakfast, which at the moment is either toast or porridge. Keith will then get up when he is ready and I then roll the bed away into the bed ‘ole. I then get on with the days chores and cooking something for lunch. When we are on the move we have always eaten our hot meal in the evening, but we felt this maybe to heavy for Keith to go to bed on, so now I cook us something for lunch and we have something light to eat for our evening meal. Keith takes Omeprazole tablets to stop the build up of acid in the stomach every morning. We are hoping that once things settle down he maybe able to leave them off, but only time will tell. He is still using mouth wash and drop for throat thrush, which seems to be taking a while to go as his tongue is still coated in white stuff. I am sure it will go though.

I have been doing pretty much everything on the boat, which includes getting the coal in, filling the water tank etc, Keith is not strong enough to lift coal yet. I then go into town and do any shopping needed and sort all the other daily things out. Keith has been taking short walks each day to help to build up his strength, but it has to be done slowly. The other day I wanted to walk around the corner to the Pet Trust place to buy bird food and Keith wanted to come with me, so we set off nice and slowly. We got there bought the bird food and some chews for Paddy and set off back to the boat. This all but wiped Keith out, who was then out like a light in the chair. Time is a great healer and he will get their.

Today I have finally managed to get out in the garden.


I have been desperate to dig the garden over the get the dreaded weeds out, but with the wet weather it was impossible, so I just had to sit and watch the weeds grown. Other things die back in the winter, but the weeds continue to grow why is this?

So today was the day to start the digging. I managed to get half of the 70ft bed dug over, so I was well chuffed.


Paddy was very happy to sit out on the pontoon and watch me do all the work. Keith came out and pottered about for a while and chatted to a fellow boater, but he had then had enough so went back in and sat and watched some TV. After an hour and half I was done for the day with half the bed dug over. I have plans to put some veggies in this year as well as flowers as we are not moving, so watch this space to see how things grow.

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