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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Spring has sprung.

commer butterfly

Comma Butterfly.

With the warmth of the sunshine during the afternoon, the Butterflies are emerging to take in the rays.

small tortoiseshell.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the sun did not appear until the afternoon, but once it was out, it was lovely and warm, which meant I could get on with more gardening. The arm is becoming quieter, with many of those who took a Winter mooring here having left. Jacquie on Like Ducks 2 Water, Chrissie and Paul on Anjuna, Bob and Carol on their boat and a couple of others who did not actually liveaboard over the Winter. For lunch I cooked us a homemade Shepherds Pie with veg and gravy. I am still cooking Keith things he fancies, because I am trying to build him up a bit. Keith himself feels so tired after the smallest of jobs, so it is everything done slowly and when he is ready and able. But day by day I do see improvements in him, which is fantastic.

Gardening done and nails looking a right state, it was time for a much needed coffee and a sit down to watch the Para Winter Olympics. Wow are team is doing so well and quite honestly could show our able bodied athletes a thing or two about competing. As the day drew to a close, I seemed to have done very little with my day, but felt exhausted. My day ended at 9.30 pm when I headed off to bed and left Keith watch Predators on Film4. I am not a fan of blood and gore, so was happy to put my body to bed.

This morning (Wednesday). It was a dull and chilly start. We were awake at 6 am, so I made us a cuppa and we got on with watching the Winter Para-Olympics whilst sitting in bed (Oh the luxury). 7.30 am I got up and made us some toast for breakfast and afterwards got up and dressed to take Paddy out for his walk, on the way out I topped up the bird feeders, ready for our usual feathered friends who come and eat everyday. After walking Paddy and stoking up the saloon stove, I walked up into town to see if I could get some rock solar lights for our garden. We were pretty sure the Factory Shop had some in, but when I got there, there were non to be seen, but I did come home with two propagation boxes for my seeds, so it was not a wasted trip. I also came home with a ball of White wool and a massage sponge for the bathroom, odd combination of things, but all needed.

The sun finally popped out during the afternoon, so Keith and I sat outside eating ice cream. I so love our mooring. A replacement top arrived for our new Parasol, so now we have two tops, one new one and one repaired by Keith. Thanks to the people we bought it from for being so prompt with their replacement.

We are having Pizza for dinner tonight, because Keith fancies one. His taste in food has really changed since he has been poorly Smile.

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