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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A rough night.

If you read yesterdays post you will have read Keith has his T-tube out yesterday, which was amazing because he has had it in since the 15th January. He was fine when we left the hospital and got back to the boat. He was still so hungry I made him Ravioli on toast. But as the time moved on he developed the shakes and felt hot and cold. I took his temperature and that was fine, so I reckoned his body may have gone into shock having had the tube removed. Keith was also in a lot of pain from the wound, which is internal and external. Before bedtime I relit the back cabin stove, so the back cabin would be warm enough for him and he took himself off to bed at 9 pm and I was not far behind him.

Throughout the night Keith was waking up in pain and shaking, so we were both awake on and off all night. I got up and made myself a cuppa when Keith was finally snoozing in the early hours, before heading back to bed. Thankfully when we had both managed a little sleep, Keith woke up feeling much better, however he was still in some pain, which is to be expected. Tea and toast in bed for breakfast, before we got up and started out day. Keith’s day would be playing with his Bayko and watching the TV and mine was to pot on my Runner Beans from their propagation box into bigger pots, until I can plant them out into the garden.


At the moment we are still having frosts, so I will put them away at night to keep them frost free. I also planted some poached egg seeds, which can be normally be put straight into the garden, but with the soil still being so cold, I have chosen to start them off in the seed tray.


My Strawberry plants are coming along nicely. Every evening I cover them up to protect them from the frost, but I am so looking forward to having my own Strawberries this year.


Jobs completed in the garden, I turned my attention to finishing my latest crochet project. This blanket is going in the back cabin on the seat which helps to make up our bed. I will have to find some more wool from somewhere now to start anything else.

12.45 pm Mr Tesco man arrived with our food delivery. For the first time ever he was actually early, because he was due to arrived between 1 and 2 pm. With the food stowed away on boat, it looked like weather was going to take a downward turn, so I put my herb pot in the bunker along with my Runner Beans and covered up the Strawberry plants, because they are forecasting a frost tonight.

As the day has worn on Keith is coping much better with his pain. There is some discharge from the wound, but not a lot, so hopefully it is sealing itself off.

I reckon we will both be looking to an early night tonight after last night, but I want to try and keep my eyes open for as long as possible, otherwise I just wake up way to early in the morning.


  1. Hi Jo, hi Keith. Just waving from Blackbird to wish you both well. May your nights be peaceful and pain-free. x

  2. WOW Bayko, I'd forgotten all about that, I used to have a set... showing my age again... LOL


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