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Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's that time of year.

Hi Folks.
I do not know about you, but I am seriously wondering where the heck this year has gone?
It does not seem that long ago we were welcoming 2016 in and now we are almost saying "Goodbye" to it.
In the past couple of days there has been a turn in the weather. In the morning's the boat is covered in dew and so are the cobwebs.
I do so love to see the dew on cobwebs, but it does seem so early to be thinking about Autumn and then Winter.
With the weather changing it has been time to light the saloon stove for the first time after having taken the stove out to repair a pipe leak, paint the tiles and the stove. Keith feels the cold sooner than I do these days, so I lit the stove.
One of the other jobs I did was to change the fire rope around the door, because the old rope had been on the door for over Nine years.
Fire lit, I went out and cut some Rhubarb for a crumble. With the colder, damper weather comes the scrummy, comforting puddings and stews so I will be a happy lady. There is nothing nicer than the smell of a stew and dumplings cooking in the back cabin stove, or come to that a curry. The salads will be put on the back burn for another year and I will definitely be getting back to comfort food. As I type the Rhubarb is on top of the saloon stove waiting to stew slowly.

It is Keith's 64th Birthday, so we will be going out for a meal as usual. We do not bother with presents or cards, after all there is no point in buying cards and we have everything we need. We are off for an Indian curry at a restaurant we have not tried before, so I will let you know what we thought.

Have you been watching the Paralympic?
I feel so very proud of the GB team, who have been awesome. They make me feel so humble. Some of their stories which have been told over the past Eleven days, really makes me realise that nothing is impossible, if you truly believe you can do something. I have also enjoyed watching 'The Last Leg'. Adam Hills actually had his hair dyed to look like the Union Jack after losing a bet, that Australia would beat GB in the medal table. Great program.


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