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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Slowly getting there.

Hi Folks.

Well according to the weather people it is officially Autumn today, so if they are right then the weather will be going downhill from now on. I will believe that when I see it. I actually love the Autumn, because of the wonderful show the trees can put on, with their leaves changing colour. During the Spring we admire the trees when their leaves spring forth and adore the trees once more in greenery. During the Summer we take the trees for granted I think, but as Autumn takes hold, the trees shout "Oi" we are here and splash us with their beautiful colours.

Today has been a day of going into town and to the vets.
This morning I walked into town to get a few items. I wanted a new hand towel and clothes pegs, which I managed to get from the Original Factory Shop. Because our toilet is very close to our radiator, when the radiator is hot, we can actually get burnt, so I put ribbons on a towel and have it hanging between the radiator and the toilet, this does the trick and no burnt hips, which is a blessing.

Back from town, we had a visit from Simon, who is helping us sort our generator out. He did some measurements and then went off to buy some pipe. Hopefully he will be back with us tomorrow.
After Bubble and Squeak and a Pasty for lunch, I took Paddy for his two week weigh-in.
When we came back from our Liverpool trip, Paddy's weight had dropped to 12.9 kg, which is weigh to low. Since being back we have struggled to get him to eat more, so we can get his weight up. If you feed him more than he wants he will just throw it up, so we have been feeding him more throughout the day. His weight has gone up very slowly. Today he now weighs 14.7 kg, which is not as much as he used to be, but it is going in the right direction. Paddy is now 11 years old and we know he is on borrowed time due to a medical condition, but he is happy in himself and still enjoys a good cuddle. He has never been an energetic boy, he loves nothing more than sleeping all day. This is why we cannot understand why he is not as fat a pig, because he does very little exercise. He has been an absolute angel for all the years we have had him.  He is slowly getting there.

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