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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Curries and a rainy day.


Hi Friends and Followers.

I would love to say the weather has been glorious today, but I cannot, so I will go back to yesterday (Saturday). Having enjoyed a lovely cuppa with our friend Jacky, I went off food shopping with her in the afternoon and we bought a takeaway curry box and wine, so we could have a evening get together. We had a fabulous time, with loads of laughter, chatter, food and wine, which is always a good combination. We sat and watched the movie ‘Suffragette’, which I had seen previews of, but not had the chance to see it. Wow what a powerful movie about women’s rights and what they went through to get us the vote. I wonder what they would think today if they could see how far women have come, or have we? Have we actually come that far since Emmeline Pankhurst and her foot soldiers took to the streets to argue for the women’s vote and equality. It was quite hard hitting, but well worth the watch. Having got back home late, we went straight off to bed. Keith slept like a log, but I tossed and turned most of the night, and I have no idea why.

Got up this morning to rain hitting the cabin roof, which meant the towpath would be a muddy pool again, which Paddy totally hated. When we got back to the boat, he stood in the galley and looked at us as if to say “What shall I do now, I am not getting into my bed”. Keith wiped him down, but Paddy was still miserable, he hates being wet. We had good old porridge for breakfast, which I love because it sticks to the ribs and fills you up. I remember as child I hated the stuff, but that was probably because it had lumps in it and I am not a lumps kind of lady. During the morning the rain finally subsided and the sun popped out. Keith started the generator up and I crossed my fingers that the generator would behave, sadly crossing my fingers did not work, because half an hour later it stopped. Keith did get it going again and it did run alright for the rest of the hour, but it is clear we still have some sort of an issue with it. I think we may need to seek further help with this problem, because we have done everything we know. The boat jobs were all done and lunch was homemade Lasagna and fruit and yogurt for pudding. I then went and saw Jacky, to let her know we would be moving off on Monday. We got chatting over a cuppa. As I knocked on her door, she had actually just text me to invite us down for a cuppa, which is spooky. Keith joined us later on. We never fail to find things to chat about and Pop’s the Spaniel is always available for entertainment.

We said our “Goodbye’s” to Jacky as we will probably not see her now until late July and headed home, where I got on with more of my crochet. These are the ones I have done so far this year.


Lilac and White Baby Blanket.


Pale Green and White Baby Blanket.


Blue and White Baby Blanket.


Lemon and White Baby Blanket.


Pale Green and White Baby Blanket.

As you can see I have been busy, but I needed to get some made because my stock has gone down, without me realising. I am also knitting my dishcloths as well, so never a dull moment and I am not bored when it is raining.


  1. Love the crochet blankets. I am a novice crocheter, and a left handed one at that! I have managed to find some left handed stuff on youtube and I have managed a couple of simple patterns. I will persevere with it though :)

    Hope the weather improves for you. I feel for Paddy, when I had my lurchers they absolutely loathed the wet weather and associated mud!

  2. Hi Alison.
    Lovely to hear from you. I had wanted to crochet for years, but I am no good at reading patterns, so got another lady to show me the basics. I had it with in an hour and have not stopped, although I only do simple blankets and a few flowers. I am about to tackle roses next.
    Paddy is a bit of wimp when it comes to being wet, but I guess in his old age he is allowed. Our saloon looked like a muddy pond the other day.

    Jo x


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