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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Such a waste.


Hello Friends and Followers.

A rather chilly start to Tuesday, but the sun did put in an appearance and it did warm things up somewhat.

Early doors, we got a knock on the boat. It was a delivery of a new memory card for Keith’s phone.


The packaging was complete and utter over kill by PC World. I cannot understand why companies waste so much packaging on such a small item. It could have been sent in a letter size Jiffy bag. It is about time companies woke up and stopped wasting packaging.

I had two loads of laundry to do this morning. I was hopeful if the sun came out, I could dry the washing on the line, so at 8.20 am, I was sat in the Arm’s laundry watching my washing go round. It is more entertaining, than watching the soaps on the TV. Whilst I got on with the laundry, Keith headed off into Warwick to buy a new shaver. Last night his charging line decided to dissolve in a puff of smoke, which I could smell from the back cabin. This is the third line which has failed and so rather than spending anymore money on another, he decided to buy a new shaver. Warwick did not have the one he wanted, so he caught the bus into Leamington and got exactly what he wanted. The online price was cheaper than in store, so he asked why. The lady on the till did not know why, but she let Keith have the shaver at the online price.

Washing done and hung out as the sun came out to warm the chilly air. My next job on my day’s list was to clean out the cupboard and drawers in the back cabin. I wanted to put the Winter clothing away and bring the Summer clothing out. It also gave me the opportunity to get rid of things which have not been worn in the past few months. To be fair, I did not get rid of much, but there were somethings which needed freshening up, so they will be in Thursday’s wash. Drawers and cupboards all sorted and our Winter clothes put in the box in the hold, I then decided that Paddy needed his Spring wash. I bundled him into the shower and gave him a good shampoo. Considering he has not had a wash in a year, he was not all that dirty, but it did freshen him up.


Having gotten the soap out of Paddy’s coat and allowed him to shake in the shower, I lifted him out of the boat and on to the pontoon, where he spent the afternoon drying out. Job three crossed off of my list I got on with lunch. Keith arrived home just after midday and lunch was pretty much sorted by 12.30 pm. We had the remains of the curry I cooked yesterday, along with rice, naan bread and poppadom’s. It always tastes so much nicer on the second day.

After lunch, I filled the water tank. We can usually go 2 weeks, before filling up and at a push 3 weeks if need be.

As the afternoon wore on, I got on with a bit of gardening and watched as the dark clouds began to gather, so with the weather closing in, I got in the washing, which had dried nicely. Not long after I had brought the washing in, rain was thumping on the roof of the boat. We have not had rain for a few days, so it is welcome for the plants I have moved.

it is now time for me to sign off for the day. See you on the other side.


  1. Not sure whether you mentioned it before but pleased to see from the IWA Bulletin just received that your pic is to be included in the next IWA Calendar. Congrats/

  2. Hi Mike.
    Thank you for your message.
    I think I have mentioned it in a post somewhere. I learnt today that I am a runner up in the overall competition. My photograph is Miss June and I am very proud. Thank you for your Congrats. x


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