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Thursday, 2 March 2017


Not too serious blog(2)

Hi Friends and Followers.

I do not take life to seriously, because as I see it there is enough misery in the world, without me adding to it, so if you want to read a serious blog mine is not the place to be. Yesterday I wrote about us doing the Hatton Flight and made a glib comment that Keith had done it in an hour and half and that was a whole different story (joking). He did it in fact in two and a half hours, but someone who did not leave their name decided that they thought that this was a serious blog NO. Because the Anon follower did not take the sentence in the way it was meant I have amended yesterday’s blog. My comment was tongue in cheek. There were reasons why I said one and half hours and I do not need to explain those. I have to say and it does say on the comment box, if you wish to leave me a comment please do and please leave me your name. I DO NOT publish Anon comments. I am happy to accept negative comments, because from them we learn something new, but equally nice comments are welcome also. I will not publish derogatory message, because there is absolutely no need for them. Thank you.

Anyway enough of that.

We had a nice night on our mooring. We could hear the dull roar from the M40 and the rattling of the trains on the railway, but it did not stop me sleeping. I woke at 6.45 am to the sound of  Kingfisher peeping. Glorious bird and sound. There was no point me rushing out of bed to see if I could of seen it, because it would have flown away. Instead I leisurely got up and made us a brew. No TV, so we sat and nattered over our mug of tea before getting up to walk the hound. The towpath was muddy, because of the rain overnight, so Pad stepped around the puddles, leaving me to walk through them. Back on board it was good old porridge for breakfast. I love porridge with sugar on top, Keith prefers Syrup, but for me that is to sweet. The fires were made up and jobs were sorted. The one job we wanted to get done, was to replace the flow cartridge in our Mira shower, because it was leaking, which kept setting off the water pump. Keith took the shower apart and I cleaned up the cartridge, we then discovered the new one was different. Now baring in mind we had this one fitted in 2007, it had done really well. Keith fitted the new one, although it was different and it fitted, so we now think that Mira changed the design of the cartridge, because possibly they had problems with the old one leaking. Whatever the reason the new one is fine and no more leaking shower. For once this job took all of five minutes.

After lunch, we thought we would walk up into Shrewley Village, so we locked the boat up and set off with Paddy leading the way. Paddy had gotten it into his head that he was coming for a walk and who were we to say “No”.


Always a sad sight. To see historic boats left to a watery grave.


Paddy was happily trotting along the towpath up the slope to the tunnel, which would have been used by the horses, as the crew of the boats would of legged through the canal tunnel. I find it fascinating to walk where others have walked throughout history.


When you come out the other end you are onto the main road through Shrewley village, where there is a Spar village store, village hall and what used to be the Independent Chapel until the 1990’s.


It is now a dwelling by the looks of it, but still very pretty. I can imagine it was a tight squeeze when full for the service. The village is made up of old and new houses and a busy road. There is also a pub, but the pavement ran out, so we did not walk that far.


Looking at the tunnel from the village end.


I love the colours and the rock formation and it got me thinking about the man hours to dig this lot out to put the tunnel in. We do not know how lucky we are.

Back on board and Paddy is exhausted, so is sleeping happily by the stove. Marmite is still in her basket and I am off to make a coffee.

See you tomorrow.

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