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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Hello Sunshine.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Firstly, who watched ‘Comic Relief’?

We watched it until 10 pm, that was the latest I could keep my eyes open till. What an amazing amount of money they raised? £71 million pounds wow. I absolutely loved the Red Nose Actually, it was brilliant as was James Corden with Take That.

What a fabulous Saturday we have had. The sunshine was from dawn to dusk and it was lovely and warm. With a good day came lots of jobs done.


I got on with painting some new mop poles, as our old mop pole has snapped in half, due to old age and rot. I have made a long and a short one. I like the short one for the gunwales. Tomorrow I will give them another coat of undercoat. Having painted the poles, I got on with a spot of gardening in our own garden.


I did do some weeding before we left for Birmingham, but you know how it is, weeds never stop growing. I also took the opportunity to split the Strawberry plants. I had far too many for our garden, so gave some to our neighbour and put some in our sensory garden.


Whilst I got on with the gardening, Keith got on with putting the brass strips we got in Birmingham on to our back cabin doors. Try as I have, no matter how much I paint the tops of the doors, the paint and joints always cracks, so the solution was to put brass strips on top. Once Keith had cut the brass, drilled the holes and made sure they fitted, I smothered the wood with sealant and Keith then screwed the plates in place. Hopefully this will keep the water out and make it look much better. Friends of ours have done this on their boats and it works a treat for them. It just means for me more brass to clean.


After lunch, I did a bit more to the garden, but by late afternoon I was feeling verso slightly shattered and so decided to call it a day. Tomorrow is another day and I can do more gardening. Of course we must remember to put our clocks forward tonight. So we will have one less hour in bed. I hope this does not mean I will wake up at 5 am, because at the moment I am awake at 6 am, which is so annoying. If I could just get to 7 am I would be a very happy lady. People keep telling me, that with age comes less sleep, because the sleep patterns change. I am so hoping they are wrong, because I like my sleep. No sooner my head hits the pillow I am in dreamland.

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