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Tuesday 12 September 2017

Fun Weekend and Anniversary.

Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

Wow what a busy time I have had. The 9th and 10th September loomed and even though I was totally ready for it, the weather was not what we wanted.
Friday was set up day, so it was all hands on deck so to speak, to get the gazebos up and the stalls sorted out for those joining us on the Saturday morning. My last job of the day was to hang the bunting, which I did with the help of Keith.
Saturday morning and it was rather grey out, but fingers were tightly crossed that we would get through most of the day without getting wet.
I set up my stall, I was so pleased with my new card holders.
I laid out the blankets I had made and with the laying down of the last blanket the sun popped out. Would this be a sign of the day to come I wondered.
The other crafters set up their stalls in the Cedar Room and then it was a matter of waiting for the public to arrive.
In the gazebo with me was Sooz who does face painting. Now in all the years I have been on this earth, I have never had any face painting done, so I decided to give it a go.
I was so pleased with the outcome. I had one done on the Sunday as well.
People began to arrive, which was a promising sign. But then the weather took a turn for the worst as the morning drifted into the afternoon, rain began to fall and fall some more, getting heavier. The inside wall of the gazebo looked like a waterfall for a while. Eventually the rain stopped and once again people drifted into the Arm, but we did not get the numbers we had hoped for. I was actually happy with how I did on the day, because I sold a blanket, cards and some of my dishcloths. Everyone on site had a good day despite the weather.

Sunday dawned, with the sun coming out.
We had a couple of new stall holders, one of them being the Greyhound Trust, with their gorgeous doggies.
Off the Beat'n Track Samba Band from Coventry had a wonderful time out on Saltie II our day boat.
The weather was much kinder to us on the day and we did have more people through the gate.
The Glass Barge with Pam and Andy had a good weekend, which was so nice, because it was the first time they had been to our event. They make such amazing things. I was treated to a heart shaped necklace for my Wedding Anniversary, which you will hear about.
After a much better day, we began packing things up at 4 pm and it was then the rain decided to pay us another visit. By the time I took the bunting down I was soaked through. Thankfully we had managed to get all the gazebos down before the rain came, which was a phew moment, because wet gazebos are not a nice thing to pack away.

So with the weekend event out of the way, we could all breathe again until next year. It was a huge well done to everyone who helped out.

Monday and Keith and I were celebrating Thirteen years of wedded bliss. Wow where did those Thirteen years go?
Now we do not buy presents for each other, we choose to go out for a meal instead, well that is what I thought. Keith had other ideas though. Our evening was spent in Warwick at Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant down Swan Street. It opens at 5 pm, so we thought we would leave just before then to walk to the restaurant, the only problem was it was absolutely throwing it down with rain. But needs must, we donned our wet coats and set off for Swan Street. By the time we arrived at our destination we looked a little like drowned rats. We were shown to a table and given the menu's for the wine and food. Between us we chose a bottle of Rose Wine, which was really lovely. The menu was excellent and the food was the same. Both Keith and I love Chinese food and this was excellent food, to the highest standard.
The restaurant is a buffet with a difference, because it is cooked to order.
Whilst eating our meal, Keith produced a piece of lace and inside the lace was a heart necklace from The Glass Barge. I was so very pleased with my present, but did feel rather guilty that I had failed to get him anything. I did try to find something, but what do you get a man who has everything? Anyway he has an important birthday coming up, so I will make an effort for that. We had a fantastic meal and can totally recommend Chopsticks in Warwick. Our walk home was thankfully in the dry.

Pop back again sometime x

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