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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Such a wonderful book.

Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

I have had one of those days, when you have so much to do, but cannot be bothered to do any of it. Today was food shop day, so Keith went off early to catch the bus to Aldi to get the weekly shop, so whilst he was gone, I got on and made a cottage pie for lunch. It is big enough to last for 3 days. I love eating things a couple of days after they have been made, because the flavours are so much better. So cottage pie made and cooking, it was time to tackle the boat jobs and first on the list was the bathroom. Now the bathroom may only be two foot by four feet, but it still needs cleaning. I like to get into all the nooks and crannies. Bathroom tackled and conquered in double quick time. Next it was onto the saloon floor, which looked a little like a muddy pool, what with the dogs foot prints and ours because of the wet weather, thankfully we have laminated flooring, so it is wipe clean.
10.30 am ish, Keith was back with the shopping and I had the job of unpacking the contents of his rucksack and trolley, whilst doing this I made him a coffee and kept an eye on the cooking cottage pie.
Lunchtime came and went and so did some of the scrummy cottage pie. We then decided we needed to sort out a leak on our sheeting. We noticed water running down the wall in the hold, where I took the shutts up. The only place it could be coming from was the sheeting, so to have a look we pushed the boat to the pontoon opposite our boat, which is empty at the moment. Yep we had found the problem. The wood which was between the sheeting and the steel work had rotted and so was letting in the rain. Now it is not a good time of year to be taking the sheeting off and sorting the timber out, so for now we have filled the gap with sealant and hope this will hold until next Spring, when we will have to replace the rotten timber. Sealant sorted and holes plugged, we pushed the boat back onto our mooring.
Back on the boat for a coffee, this was the scene that I found in the saloon.
Marmite has decided that she wants to read 'A Street Cat Named Bob' by James Bowen. I have started reading it, but it looks like I may have to fight Marmite for it now. Or we could just share it.

Pop back soon xx

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