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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Perfect Day.

Hi Friends and Followers.

How was your day?
I dare say someone to send me a message to tell me. I do love to read and answer your comments.

My day began with the usual morning cuppa and whilst out listen to the radio. We do not bother with the TV when out. At 8 am I was up and out walking Paddy along the embankment, along with the Canada Geese, which spend their time leaving message on the towpath. I know many people are not keen on the geese, but they do make me giggle with their head movements and chuntering.
9.30am we locked the boat up and walked down into Merry Hill Shopping Village. Now whilst we have moored here before, neither Keith nor I can remember visiting the shopping village. It is fabulous in my opinion. It is large, airy and loads of room to stroll about without bumping into people and them in to us. We did a bit of retail therapy in Primark, because Keith desperately needed a couple of shirts for best. He has pretty much used all his shirts for working in now and the two better looking shirts are donkey's years old, so we got him two new ones along with some socks. I bought a new mattress cover, as our old one has definitely seen better days and I have washed it to within an inch of its life, so it was time for a new one. Having done Primark and wandered around other shops, we had a brew at Greggs and then a further wander.
11.45 am we headed for the Odeon Cinema to watch 'Dunkirk'. We had seen the reviews for the movie and seen clips on the TV and thought we would like to see it. Keith gets in as a concession now, so he is chuffed. I still have to pay full price, but hey ho. We settled in with a bag of sweets. The 15 minutes of adverts came first and then they showed the new movies coming up. The finally the film began. It was most definitely worth going to see and we were most certainly not disappointed. It is worth seeing it in the cinema for the sound effects. It was also thought provoking and made me think of how it was at Dunkirk all those years ago and how scared those men must have been. You may know that Harry Styles from One Direction is in the movie and I thought his performance was excellent. He has a talent for acting, so I hope he keeps it going. Movie over and emotions in tatters, we walked back to the boat to get rid of the shopping and then headed to Wetherspoons Waterfront Inn for a Curry and a Pint. This for me was a perfect day.
My perfect day has ended with the second running of our new generator, which is behaving perfectly.
I wonder what tomorrow has in store.

Pop back soon xx

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