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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Back Cabin Day 2.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Yesterday you may have read, I prepared the back cabin by rubbing it all down and undercoated the walls, ceiling and shelves in white undercoat. Today was top coat day, but not beofre the first cuppa of the day, whilst watching breakfast news on the BBC. Overnight we had some very heavy rainfall, which the garden would of loved and the of course the canals. I am not sure at what time we both got woken up, but there was a crack and a bang. It turned out to be the smoke box on our stove.
Somehow it had cracked and fallen apart. I would of expected it to happen if it was to hot, because of a fire, or because the cabin was to cold, but there was nothing to cause this to happen. So we are now on the hunt for a new smoke box. Another expense we could do without at the moment :-(.
Anyway after all the overnight rain, when we woke up properly the sun was out and it boded well for a lovely day to do some painting.
Once we were up and dressed. I opened the boat up, made breakfast and then cleared up with mess left behind by the broken smoke box. Having been in touch with a few people about a new smoke box, we can relax, because we have hopefully found a replacement. Unfortunately Midland Chandlers do not do them anymore and that is where we got the stove from 12 years ago.
My first painting job of the day was to paint the ceiling with Moonlight White. I then began painting the shelves with English Sage Green and the walls with Magnolia.
The first top coat was all finished by lunchtime. So time for a break, I cooked lunch and made a coffee. Mid-afternoon, I second coated the shelves and walls. Tomorrow I will second coat the ceiling and then decide as to whether I need to coat the shelves and walls again. It is looking so much brighter and we love it. I wanted to do the shelves in a contrast colour, to make them stand out and the Green is lovely. I have really enjoyed today. I love having a paint brush in my hand.
Tomorrow will see this end of the back cabin finished.

Pop back soon xx

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