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Monday, 8 July 2019

Days 119 and 120. Back Home.

Hello family, friends and followers.

On Sunday morning we took the decision to head for home, because Keith needed to speak to our GP. We set off for Bascote Locks and were joined by Sloop John T for the journey down the staircase, where we met another boat coming up.
We showed the other two boats how to do the switch in a staircase as neither of them had seen it done before. When we reached Radford Semele bottom lock, there was another boat going down, so we allowed the Sloop John T to join them and we followed on our own. We stopped off at Lidl to get a few bits to keep us going and then carried on.
On approaching Cape Locks, we joined a Black Prince Hire boat for the final two locks, and then headed for the left hand turn into the Arm and home.
The garden is a jungle waiting to be tamed and we have a list of jobs as long as your arm to do.
First day home (Monday) and Keith got to talk to our GP and he has been put on a months worth of antibiotics once more. First job of my day was to get a wash done and hung out. I then walked into town to collect Keith's tablets. 
After some lunch, we oiled our new fenders and after allowing them to dry a bit we put then on the stern. They need to bed in a bit and will need moving about before we go out again. I began to tame the jungle which is our garden. I have so far had three barrow fulls of weeds and still more to come, but after a busy day, it was time to sit down with a Ginger beer and watch a bit of tennis.

Pop back soon xx

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