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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Day 13: Baking and crochet.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Well hello one and all. What a beautiful day we have had. We woke to wall to wall sunshine. There is nothing nicer than opening your eyes to the sight of the sun pouring in through the pigeon box portholes. The morning ritual of a cuppa and the news took place and once again it is all about the virus. It was good to hear that Boris Johnson is improving in ICU and I sincerely hope he makes a good recovery. It does not matter what your political bent is, no one deserves this virus and I happen to think at the moment he and the government are doing the best they can. Of course it could be helped better if other parties got involved instead of putting this current government down. Out local MP on the one hand wished Boris well and then in the next breath, made it clear the short comings of the government. What he could of done was offer to help out in anyway he can and give support, but I guess that was asking to much. Anyway once Boris is back on his feet it will be all hands on deck and full steam ahead, because we still have Brexit to finish, which of course at the moment is not that important.

I was thinking that having the lockdown for us is something which is relatively easy for us to do, because from November to March that is pretty much what we do anyway. We come back to our mooring and basically sit and wait for March to arrive. Okay we do go shopping and out for meals and chat to folk, oh and I go to the ladies coffee afternoons, but really it is not so different to now. Yes I miss the coffee afternoons with the ladies, and nipping into town for a mooch around the shops, but that will still be there when this is all over. If anything I will look forward to them all the more. I am gregarious normally, but I am also quite comfortable with my own company when push comes to shove.

I was chatting to someone this morning and we were laughing about how people must be managing with their hair right now, because you cannot just walk into the hairdresser or book an appointment at the moment. I reckon there will be a lot of hippy looking people out once we come through this virus. Already friends are trying to cut their own hair and having varying degrees of success. Fringes are being cut at odd angles or way to short and I dread to think what people will be doing with the rest of their locks. Keith and I are okay, because I have always cut his hair for him and began my hair is long it is easy to trim the ends.
To trim the back of my hair I use plastic bag sealer clips. They work like a dream and keep my hair straight. I have been using them for at least 4 years, when I cannot get to the hairdresser. One of my friends actually allowed her husband to dye her hair. Not sure I would have been so trusting, but it actually turned out pretty good, so no rows in their household. Can you imagine if it had all gone horribly wrong?
Our friendly Robin came again this morning for his breakfast. He is getting braver and braver, which is so sweet. Wildlife is so wonderful and it is always a joy to have it in my life. Once he has taken his two pieces of suet, he heads off to carry on with his day. I have not seen the Bank Voles for a few days, but the food I put out for them is always gone, so I am hoping they are alright. We have had a cat from the houses wandering around, so maybe that has frightened them.
During the morning, I baked some Lemon Muffins for the cake tin, which was once again empty and then went and did a bit more boat polishing. I have completed the pontoon side of the boat and the paintwork is looking much shinier now and protected by the wax coating.
After a sandwich lunch, I sat with Youtube on and crocheted my very own rainbow of which I am proud of. I need a bit more practice, but I think it is pretty good. I am going to crochet some clouds for it next, if I can figure out the pattern. I have never been one for following patterns, but if someone shows me, I can generally get it eventually, so Youtube here I come again.
We treated ourselves to a Thai takeaway from our favourite Thai restaurant in Warwick, because whilst this virus is ongoing they are not open, but have started to do takeaway deliveries. The meal arrived on time and was fantastic. There driver was so polite and lovely even with his gloves and mask on :-). I think we will do that again.
Tomorrow is food delivery day, which is something to look forward to. I may get some more polishing done, but we will see what the morning brings. At the moment we take a day at a time.
Sadly today I learnt that Twelve people have died at Warwick Hospital from the virus, all had underlying health issues. My thoughts go out to their family and friends at this really sad time. Today the UK had its biggest rise in deaths from the virus 938 in a 24 hour period, which brings the total to 7097, which is just unimaginable and incredibly sad for all concerned.

Hopefully be back tomorrow. Please stay safe and healthy.

Pop back soon xxx


  1. Happy that you are both keeping well. The number of deaths is quite incomprehensible and so very sad. I really feel for the families affected.

    Keep up with the crochet. I too was going to crochet some rainbows but don't have the colours! I'm currently doing a big granny square with some very fluffy stuff I bought on a whim. I can't do anything else with it because it is hard to see the stitches.

    Keep safe and well.

  2. Hi Alison.

    Glad all is good with you at the moment. I am lucky I have collected wool for the doggie blankets and just happen to have some good colours for a rainbow. I would send you some wool, but at the moment I am still not leaving the Arm, just in case I catch this flippen virus. I do not trust other people to keep their distance and I have no idea whether people are keeping up their personal hygiene. I am probably being paranoid, but rather be that than poorly right now.
    You stay safe and well my lovely xxxx

  3. Hi Jo

    Thank you for your kind thought. I have caved in an ordered some more wool and that should arrive this week. I have included the rainbow colours.

    I totally agree with your view on hygiene, staying put etc. Just wish everyone else would do the same. I'm working from home and that is where I stay. I am only venturing out when its absolutely necessary and always change my clothes and shower when I get back. Paranoia definitely beats being poorly.

    You both stay safe and well
    Alison xx

  4. Good afternoon Alison.
    Happy knitting or crocheting. I am so fed up of seeing and reading about people going out when they do not have too. Even here we have people taking risks with their health and that of their partners and they cannot see what they are doing is wrong. I really wonder when this will end, if people do not stick to the restrictions. The numbers just keep going up and we hear more heartbreaking stories. I still have not been out of the Arm and have no intention of doing so. I want to remain well.
    You stay safe and well xxxx


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