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Sunday 3 January 2021

A look back.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Well hello. Here we are in a brand new year, but same old problems with the bloomin virus. I guess the only real changes are we are out of the EU, the number on the end of the year has changed to a one and we are all in a different lockdown tier. 

What can I say about last year. It has certainly left me with differing emotions. There were definitely high moments, but also a lot of low moments, when I had to pull up my granny pants and get on with things. The virus has taught me that I can be quite content with my own company and that there are people out there who really do not give a damn about others. The year was sort of off to a good start, when we thought we were going cruising, but then it went down hill when the virus made us change our plans, when we had to turn around and come back to our mooring. We could of stayed out and coped, but felt we needed to feel safe on our home mooring, which has proved to be an absolute godsend. Not seeing family and friends has been difficult, but thank goodness for Zoom, Messenger and the mobile phone,  because we have been able to keep in touch. Can you imagine how it would have been when the only phone was on the corner of the street in a telephone box. The queue would have been a miles long to make a two minute call to speak to loved ones. We really do not realise how lucky we are with having mobile phones and the internet. For many they have kept them sane, throughout this whole thing. Like so many we have had lockdown birthdays, which was fine and I know I will probably have another this year. We would normally have gone out for a meal, but instead had a Thai takeaway and a bottle of wine. I think like many, I have put on a few pounds and you know I really do not care. There are far worse things going on around the world. I know once we are out and cruising again, I will work it off. I do however need to get more walking in. I have been going out for exercise, but I have felt uncomfortable being around other people, because they seem incapable of socially distancing. In many ways I have missed not being out cruising this year, but being safe on our mooring has been a blessing, because we can control what we do, we cannot control others. I am definitely looking forward to going boating and meeting up with all our friends, when this is back to some sort of normal, when ever that may be. 

2021 dawned and we were put into tier 4 from tier 3. It has not made any difference to us, because we have been in strict lockdown since March. 2020 saw me meet my brother for the first time in 36 yrs. I also got to meet his new wife. With deep sadness it also saw the death of my mum, who lost her battle with Cancer at the age of 82. She had a wonderful and amazing life and she is now at peace and free. I am thankful for my beautiful girls and their families, who we have zoomed with throughout the year. It has bought great joy to see them and our grandsons and I cannot wait for a hugs and cuddles, with two wonderful boys who are growing up so fast. Keith has been my rock, even though he has been really struggling with his back. I have been his nurse (without the uniform). We are so lucky to have each other and have not once felt the need to kill each other, throughout this lockdown, because we are soulmates and best friends as well as being married. I am very thankful for the people, who surround me with their love and for our mooring and garden, which has kept me busy. I think 2021 is going to be a difficult year and so I am not getting my hopes too high, in case they are dashed. I will just keep on plodding along and hope that we all come out of this in one piece. Roll on the vaccine and a bit of normality for us all. Until that time comes, stay safe and please do the right things, Hands, Face, Space.

Pop back soon xx

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