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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Winter Calls.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Here we are in 2021 and in lockdown number 3. It feels a little like groundhog day, except for yesterday we have snow. A couple of days ago I put on my Facebook page "Those of us, who have not had any snow yet. Would you like some. Yes or No?". I got quite a few saying they would like snow. We were even wondering if we needed to do devise a snow dance. Someone was clearly listening to my request, because the following morning, having crept out from beneath the duvet, I looked out of the porthole and got very excited, so much so I punched the air and shout "yes". I know I am a 58 yr old woman and should know better. I am a child when it comes to snow. I would happily have feet of the white stuff in the Winter. If we could have enough to make a snowman, that would make my year. It always think of Jack Frost the movie. 

After a nice hot cuppa under the duvet, I had to don my Winter gear, because it was prescription collection day. Mask, Sanitising Gel, Hat, Gloves, Non-slip shoes (because I can slip over easily) all donned and I set off for Mellors the chemist in town. There were not many people about, due to the weather. All masked I entered Mellors, which have been brilliant with the way they have the shop set out and the rules. I always scan the Q code for track and trace and then waited my turn on the floor markings provided. It amazes me that people never check the floor for the markings and a woman came in and stood right behind me. I politely asked her to step back to the mark provided, which she did with a huff going on beneath her mask. I was not asking for the world, just for the rules to be adhered to. Anyway, it was my turn to collect Keith's medication for his back and to pick up a couple of other items, one being Piriton for me. I am still having skin issues and an allergy kicking off, but I cannot do anything else about it until I speak on the phone to the dermatology department at the hospital in February. I have been waiting since October, but I completely understand with the virus situation. I am happy to wait my turn, like everyone else. Having purchased my bits and bobs. I popped in Savers next door, because we need batteries for our toothbrushes and I was all out of clingfilm. Essential shopping all done, I legged it back home to the warmth of our boat, where I immediately washed my hands and then put the kettle on. All shopping was put to one side for 72 hours, before putting away. I am taking every precaution I can to keep us both safe. Some may think, I am over the top, but I do not care.

Once coffee was consumed and I felt toastie again. It was time to stoke the fires. The back cabin stove, had gone out overnight, so I re-lit it and then stoked up the saloon stove, which is going 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the moment. Before the cold weather set in, I insulated out water tap box and it most certainly paid off this morning, because whilst others tapes were frozen, ours was working just fine. Whilst the water tank filled, I went and emptied the toilet cassette and found that the Elsan room tap was also frozen, so reported that to the office. Maria very kindly came along and defrosted it for anyone wanting to use it after me. The water tank still filling, I filled up our two coal scuttles for the rest of the day. This would save me going out later in the day, when it may well be icy under foot. 11am and it was time to think about lunch. With it being a Friday, I felt fish should be on the menu, so I put some fish to cook in the oven and got on with doing other chores. 

By lunchtime, all boat chores had been completed and the only job which would need doing after lunch was the laundry. Fish, peas and mash potato for lunch with apple pie and custard for pudding consumed. I could of happily settled down for the afternoon with a good film, but things still had to be done and the laundry was one such thing. When I have a lot of washing, I use the on site laundry, but to do that it meant donning my mask again. The only person I met in the laundry was June, who was in and out in no time and who was also wearing a mask. The rest of Friday was spent onboard in the warm.

Saturday morning dawned and the snow had gone, but we had a frost, which kept everything white to start the weekend. Having stoked the stoves, had breakfast and put a brush through my hair, I filled up the bird feeders. More and more birds have been venturing to the feeders, because they are hungry in this cold weather. Free food is always welcome to birds when food is harder to come by in the Winter. Another much needed requirement for birds is water, so I always make sure the water dishes are defrosted or full. Even though it is Winter, birds still like to bathe and of course they need to drink.
Today is the 16th Anniversary of being together for my daughter Becky and Keith's son Oliver. Where has the time gone? It is also our eldest grandson's 8th Birthday. Oscar is growing up all too fast and it is a shame we cannot be there for his birthday. But a Zoom call will take place to see him cut his cake and to see what he got for his birthday. 
I have to say that, I have done very little to this point in the day. I have sat working on my laptop, whilst watching 'Born Free'. As we are closest to the car park gate, I am the collector of parcels. Once collected from the delivery drivers, I then deliver them to who ever is on the labels. It has become part of my daily exercise. I of course take precautions, by wearing a mask, washing my hands before and after deliveries and I keep my distance. Because our gates are locked no delivery company can get in, so if people are not waiting for deliveries because they have been notified they are coming, someone has to take them. Some delivery firms do not send notifications and when others do, they are not always on time. Our Hermes drivers now beep their horn 3 times, so we know they are out there and the Parcelforce man usually shouts down to the boat. We have got quite a system going. More often than not though folk are standing out waiting for a delivery, especially when it is a food delivery. In the Winter though, it is not nice having to stand out, but hey ho someone has to do it. Deliveries made for the day, it was back in the warm and the comfort of my chair.

I think my rambling has probably sent you to sleep, so I am off now for a coffee and will wait for my zoom call with the family.

Pop back soon xxx

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