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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Br 88, Braunston to Rugby

Map image

Travelled 9.18 miles, worked 3 locks in 3 hours 25 minutes.

It was an early start for us this morning. I was off the boat and walking Paddy at 7am.


Paddy was extremely interested in the sheep in the field next to the boat, so was kept on a lead in case he felt the need to round them up.


We set off at 7.40am with Rugby in our sites, but as we approached Willoughby, I spotted a Ewe in the field on the offside in some distress.


She was led on her back and could not roll over. There was not another sheep to be seen, so she must have got left behind when the sheep were moved, or found her way through a hedge into the field. From the size of her, she was pregnant and which was making it impossible for her to roll over. as we got to Bridge 85 Keith pulled in, I stepped off with the centre line, which I then handed to him as I went off in search of some help. There was a farm on top of the hill, but that was at least a mile away. At Navigation Cottage on the bridge there was a light on, so I knocked on the door and spoke to a gentleman, who said he would go up to the farm and let them know about the Ewe, which I thought was very good of him. If I could have got in on the offside I would have helped the Ewe myself, as I have done it before coming from a farming back ground, but there was no way we could get in close enough. I sincerely hope both the Ewe and her lamb or lambs are ok, I hate to see animals in distress and if she was left unattended she and her lamb/lambs would certainly die. Having done my good deed for the day, we set off once more.

Further on along the canal at Barby Wood Farm, I then spotted a Fox, which was also not looking to good.


It had a poorly left front leg and was hobbling along. If the injury is a serious one, I do not hold out much hope for this beautiful little Fox. At the same place we saw the Fox NB Draco and Success were moored up on the offside.


Barby Marina is coming along extremely slowly, they do seem to have a few pontoons at long last.

Just before Bridge 66, we saw NB Derwent 6 and sitting in the bow enjoying a cuppa were Del and Al.


We had a quick few words with them and wished them a good summers cruising, in case we do not see them again.

We arrived at Broughton Park, Rugby and already there were NB Piston Broke, NB Oakfield and NB Gerald No 13. Just as we were mooring up behind Gerald No13, Roy and his whippet Thomas were just coming back to the boat, so we stood and had a good old chat with Roy, as we had not seen him for a few months. With all news exchanged, Keith and I headed off to Maplins and Curry's to get a few items, we then enjoyed a buffet lunch in Pizza Hut, which went down a treat. Before heading back to the boat, we popped into Pets at Home, to buy Marmite a new harness, because hers has gone missing.


I bet now we have bought her a new one, her old one will turn up.

On arriving back at the boat, I threw open all the doors and windows to let the heat out and some fresh air in, because it was boiling on board. I was only thankful I had not relit the back cabin stove.

My day is not over yet, as I still need to go to Tesco to do a food shop. Only after that is done can I put my feet up for a bit, so I had better get my act together, find my rucksack and head off to do a bit of shopping.

Chat soon xx

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