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Friday, 10 February 2012

Snowed on and frozen in.


We woke  up this morning to another two inches of snow, which is now covering the ice on the towpath, so it was gently does it as I walked Paddy.

Before I get on to today's ramble, I should update you on my day yesterday. It began with all the usual morning stuff, which you must be bored with hearing about by now, but the fires are important at the moment. After we had breakfast, we decided to try and move the boat, because we were leaning at a rather jaunty angle. I got on the bow with a pole and broke some of the ice, whilst Keith moved the boat backwards and forwards. We managed to move the boat a few feet, which put us back on a level playing field. I could then stop feeling like I was running up hill. After a coffee Keith suggested we walked down to the Royal Mail sorting office to see if they had our missing post. For some odd reason we have had four items of post go missing, one piece of mail being a cheque. So having donned our hats, coats and gloves we gingerly tackled the towpath and footpath around the basin to head down into down. To get to the Royal Mail sorting office we had a 2 mile walk there, which was done at a brisk pace once on the clear pavements. On arrival at the office, Keith spoke to a postal worker and he went in search of our mail, but came back with the news it was not there grrrr, so it seems it has flown off somewhere, which is not good news. We will now have to send out a search party to find our post. The cheque situation I have already sorted, but we now have to find our other post before we leave Market Harborough. Having walked back into the town and had a wander round, we decided to go into The Sugar Loaf, Wetherspoons Pub for a Curry Club Lunch. I have had a Curry Club meal before with friends, but for Keith this was his first one. We both enjoyed our meals and a pint of Ruddles each which was included in the price of the meal. With us both pleasantly full, we walked back to the boat where we were greeted by Paddy and Marmite who were waiting for us in the back cabin. The rest of our day was spent doing odd jobs and watching TV.

So on to today. As I said at the beginning we have a couple of inches of snow again. It really does look stunning out.


Even the wharf looks pretty in the morning sunshine.


I do not think we will be doing much today, although I do have to change a zip in Keith's fleece jacket, because he has managed to break it. So we will see what the day brings.

Happy 5th Birthday to Hfm, who are a fantastic local radio station.

Right off to do something, have a wonderful day xxx

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