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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chilly Wednesday.


The view from the galley window was a real picture, with the early sun shining on the frosty field. Over night the temperature got down to -3.2c, so a hard frost and yet there was not a lot of ice on the canal, but we are sheltered a little by trees.


Because the calm conditions the canal is like a mill pond, which lends itself to fantastic reflection photographs.


I could not resist taking the camera out.


On such a chilly morning, Porridge was on the menu for breakfast, which I made when I got back from walking Paddy along what was a very hard towpath, as the mud was frozen solid, this was great because no muddy footprints would be dragged through the boat. Breakfast eaten and fires stoked, the generator went on to charge the batteries and I put a load of washing on. I am waiting now for my Tesco delivery man to arrive with a bountiful amount of food to restock my cupboards and fridge which are both looking a little bare as it has been three weeks since we shopped for food, but it is always good to use up things which have been hanging around for a while. I have been informed that my food will be arriving between 2.20pm and 3.20pm, so we may make a move after that for MH all being well. If there is any ice it will not bother us to much, as we are not precious over paintwork or blacking. A boat is for boating with, so as continuous cruisers we will move if we can. Of course if the ice does get to thick then we would have to reconsider. Washing has just finished its cycle, so I am off to hang it up in the engine room and back cabin to dry, then we will see what the day brings.

Keith bless his heart, just got the local radio station HFM to play "Angels" by Robbie Williams for me awwwwwww.

Chat later maybe xxxx

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