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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Crick to Braunston Top Lock.

We travelled 8miles, did 7 locks and 2 tunnels in 4 hours.

After spending a lovely night at Crick, it was time to move on once more and this time we would have company. Caroline and John on NB Vanyar were going to join us on our cruise to Braunston.

8.40am we were ready for the off, just as we cast off Paul the British Waterways patrol officer came past wishing us a good morning. It is always lovely to see him and to have a quick chat. We passed Caroline and John, who were getting ready to leave their mooring. We cruised on through Crick Tunnel and it was as though Spring had sprung, the sun was out and so were the lambs.


Everywhere we looked there were lambs, this is the the first sighting of lambs for us this year. But along with joy, sadness shortly follows on, as I spotted a dead lamb in some bushes by the canal, which is a real shame.


As we approached the Watford flight, it was a hive of activity, with Greenford engineering laying a new towpath down the flight of locks. They were laying tarmac, which is a huge improvement on what was there. We took advantage of an empty mooring outside of the sanitary station, to empty a cassette, get rid of rubbish and to top up with water. As we were still taking on water, Caroline and John joined us, so I said for them to go on ahead of us and we would follow on behind.


Having completed the flight, Vanyar pulled in to fill up with water, so we carried on to Norton Junction, which was almost empty of boats. Normally when we want to moor there, there is no room. There were only two boats on the moorings and they both had patrol notices on them. Even the moorings under the bridge on the way to Braunston were empty.

We made the turn on the junction at 11.40am. I noticed that the toll house at Norton Junction has become a boat sales.


I just adore the caravan in the garden there.

The run from the junction to the top of Braunston Locks, I always enjoy, because of the views across the valley. Whilst we cruised through the tunnel, I tided the back cabin and stuck my head out of the engine room door to admire the construction of this formidable construction. It always fascinates me how they constructed tunnels and how straight the lines of bricks are.

12.40pm we moored up above the top lock at Braunston and not many minutes later Caroline and John pulled in behind us. We all agreed it was a great mornings cruise. Having stood and had a natter for half an hour, it was time for lunch and to get warm.

We will stay here tonight, then travel down the locks in the morning with Caroline and John.

Chat soon xx

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