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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Operation poop:

Every responsible dog owner would love to see this happen all over the country.


  1. Hello Jo.

    I'm a responsible dog owner, but I don't agree with Hyndburn Council. This is money wasted by a cash strapped council that is cutting jobs and essential services.



    M n M

  2. Hi Mike. Thank you for commenting. I of course realise that all councils are cash strapped at the moment, so yes it could be said it is a waste of money. I read your posting and you have some good points, but something has to be done.

  3. Only 50 prosecuted in 4 years and Hyndburn is a proactive anti-dog poo council. This has more to do with someone with a light workload!

    M n M

    Ps I enjoy the blog by the way,

  4. Hi Mike. Thank you very much for liking the blog. I do my best to entertain. I am not a very political person, so tend to stick to what I know lol.
    Only 50 in 4 years is not enough by any stretch of the imagination. Give me the powers and I will at least treble that.

  5. OK Jo, you start Monday, the perks include a uniform hat, pooper scooper and all the poo bags you can carry.

    BTW we have a carbon copy of your cat. Tigs is about 8 years old, semi ferral. We lost Jasper the old boy about three weeks ago, aged 29!

    all the bast M n M

  6. Hi Mike. Your on, I am up for the job. No one would get past me.
    Wow 29 that is amazing. Awwwwww


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