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Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy Lady.

There are days when nothing seems to go right and you actually wonder if anything will go right again, thankfully I am blessed with not getting to many of those these days. But having had problems with cameras over the last few months, I did wonder if I would have any luck in the direction, well today my luck changed, because I got my Samsung pocket camera back from being repaired and to fill my heart with glee they also repaired Keith’s Samsung pocket camera in the process. It pays to send a letter with the repair it seems, we explained that my camera was still under warranty and the screen went exactly the same as Keith’s camera did and his was out of warranty, so could it be a fault with the camera. It seems it may well have been because although we paid to get Keith’s repaired mine was done free, so thank you very much to Samsung for making me a happy lady. Shame on Curry’s and PC World who did not want to know.


I am glad to have my little camera back, as i can take it anywhere.


  1. What a cracking photo of Marmite and Paddy. Did you have to tempt them with food to keep them as still as that?

  2. Hi Jo,
    So glad you have the camera back! Of all the recent pictures this one is best. Dear Marmite and sweet Paddy with that charming droopy ear. Love them both. BTW the photo of you was a great one but mog and dog win the prize. Happy holidays to you and Keith.

  3. Hi Jo,
    Absolutely love your header photo of Marmite and Paddy. They look like best friends for ever

  4. Irene and Ian, there was no tempting involved they just sat there watching the world go by. Quite often they sit on the back counter together.xx

  5. Marilyn.
    I agree the photo of mog and dog is much better lol.

  6. Hi Steve. Thank you.
    They are the best of buddies, they play together and sleep together, we are very lucky.

  7. What a cute picture. This really made me smile. I keep having another look at them! They really do look like they love each other. I am not a boater but love anything to do with the canals and enjoy the many photos and travels of those who take the time to share with us their journeys.

  8. Hi Gill. They do really love each other and give us so much pleasure and laughter. Thank you for popping in and leaving me a message xxx


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