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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


The little darlings in my header photograph have shown their true colours. They may look like butter would not melt in their mouths, but believe me they are no so innocent.

Yesterday I put some frozen cooked chicken in a bowl to defrost on the draining board with cling film and a plate on the top. I stupidly thought it would be safe, because neither Paddy or Marmite have taken any notice of defrosting food before. That all changed yesterday, because Keith and I nipped down the town to do a couple of things and when we came back the bowl was on the floor and the contents devoured. Now I am assuming that Marmite did the uncovering of the chicken, she then pushed the bowl to the edge of the work top and Paddy did the rest. Of course that is what I am assuming, because Paddy could not have reached the bowl on his own so they would of had to work together. I did have to giggle, because I had visions of them working out a plan of action to get to the prize. When we got back Marmite was asleep in the back cabin and Paddy was in his bed as if nothing had happened. Luckily I had more chicken in the freezer so no harm done. I was actually more worried about the affect it would have on both their stomachs, but there was no price to pay for their thieving, which was very lucky for them and me. To think of the mess it could have left if they had both had upset tummies arghhhhhh.

So from now on I will not be leaving anything out to defrost, unless I am there to supervise.


  1. I stopped leaving things out to DF after this happened to me. I now leave it in the fridge overnight (actually saves money), or DF it in the microwave (costs money), but at least I get to eat it! :)

  2. Hi Bernard. I have lived and learnt ever to trust our two scallywags.

  3. Hi Jo and Keith, Our two dobes used to get out the gate even though it was always closed with the sneck down, one day we spied on them to find Bula banged against the gate whilst uncle Boot jumped up and opened the catch with his nose, walla they were out. Another time I took a roast leg of lamb out of the oven, just cooked perfectly door bell went of course when I came back no dogs in the kitchen and no lamb to be seen anywhere. Sadly both dogs have gone to the great dog home in the sky but we have so many happy memories and still laugh at the antics they used to get up to always working as a team. Regards Michelle


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