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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day after the day before.

Having had my tooth out yesterday (Friday), I must say I did feel a little sorry for myself for the rest of the day and in the end having been on the painkillers, I took myself off to bed at 9.30pm. I did not even see David Haye leave the jungle awwwww. I just felt I needed to go to bed and sleep, which is exactly what I did until 7.30am, so it was well worth putting my head to bed. Whilst closing the boat up for the night, I looked out to see a foggy old night.


I woke up Saturday morning and on waking up, I was so pleased that my gum no longer hurt and my mouth actually felt pretty normal, even though there is a gapping hole in the my gum, but at least no more pain. I got up and made us a cup of tea and we sat in bed listening to the radio for an hour before I got up to do the fire and then to take Paddy for his walk along a frosty towpath with sleet beginning to fall. There was a thin layer of ice on the surface of the canal, meaning we got down well below freezing last night, on returning to the boat I checked out temperature gauge and it said _4.2C, so yes it was very chilly over night. It is not set to last though as rain is coming back in if the forecasters are to be believed. Breakfast was enjoyed by all of us. Marmite was especially pleased to see food in her dishes because they were both empty, which was why she kept pestering us whilst we drank our first cuppa of the day in bed. Marmite is a cat that hates being hungry, I cannot say I blame her, I am not a happy bunny when I am hungry. After doing all the usual morning stuff, Keith and I walked down into the town, so I could get vegetables.


Marmite thought that the veggies needed inspecting after I took them out of my rucksack, normally she would be in my rucksack like grease lightening, but no she was more interested in the veg.


With lunch out of the way it was time to dust off the Christmas tree and decorations once again. We do not bother with much and this year all our lights are being run by the sun, so we if do not get any sun there will be no Christmas lights ;0(. My day was a lovely one all in all and I am now beginning to get into the Christmas spirit.

The gap where my tooth used to be is healing up nicely now, I have been washing out with salt water so in a few days I should be able to eat on that side.

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