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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Day Out In Nottingham.

Map picture

A much cooler start to Wednesday as promised by the weather forecaster last night on the BBC. We had a somewhat noisy night last night with the road noise, as we are so used to the peace and quiet of the countryside. Having walked Paddy, eaten breakfast and got a few jobs done, we took off for the centre of Nottingham, not knowing what to expect as we had never been there before.


We walked down to Castle Lock.


Castle Mound was over to our left.



There are some amazing buildings in the city centre and the tramway.



Theatre Royal.


Brian Clough Statue.


Nottingham launched a summer floral trail of specially designed willow sculptures.


It comprises eight sculptures representing items that can be bought at city centre retailers.


I thought they were all excellent, but clearly someone did not because the teapot was damaged.


We spoke to a council worker who was checking on the statues and she told us that someone had vandalised the teapot, so it must have happened after I photographed it. There are some mindless people out there sadly.


Keith and I outside the Nottingham Playhouse and in front of the Sky Mirror sculpture by Anish Kapoor.


Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.



Nottingham Castle and Gardens.


Robin Hood who was well known in Nottingham.

We really enjoyed our time in Nottingham and had a lovely lunch at May Sum. I would most definitely recommend coming to Nottingham it is a stunning city. The Ashes started today at the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground and we did see a few Australian cricket fans ready for the fight. Come on England, do us proud.

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  1. We love the moorings that you are on at the moment. Handy for the city, handy for the supermarket, handy for the pubs and also some nice grass to BBQ in the sunshine.

    Oddly the traffic noise never bothered us but that could be because we tend to visit a lot of cities by boat so are used to it.


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