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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

On to Beeston.

Map picture

Travelled 3 miles, 0 locks in a time of 1 hour 30 minutes.


For most of the afternoon, we had heard thunder rumbling in the distance and the threat of another storm was on its way. At around 5 pm the sky turned dark, the thunder thumped and lightening flashed over the apartments opposite the boat. Rain oh my god did it ever. The canal danced as the huge rain drops thumped on to the surface of the water. All the walkers and cyclists ran and cycled for cover, many of them getting soaked in the process. It turned out that Nottingham was one of the worst hit by the rain, which lasted for a good half an hour. There was plenty of flooding around the area as the drains could not cope with the pressure of all the water. After the storm, calm was returned to the canal and a good evening was had on board.

This morning we woke to sunshine and calm, so we moved the boat a short distance to Sainsbury’s to do a food shop before moving off at 10.40 am.


The junction of the Beeston Cut and the Nottingham Canal, which used to head northwards to the Erewash Canal from this point, but no longer, however it does continue through Nottingham until the River Trent is re-joined.


A good use of old toilets.


Along the Beeston Cut there is this sign along side a footpath, which actually goes through a brick wall. I wonder if it is like the platform at the station in Harry Potter, if your a walker you can walk through the wall, or maybe you have to pole vault over the wall??


At 12.10 pm we arrived in Beeston and moored up, although we are not right into the bank, but there are rings which are oddly spaced, still we managed to moor up. I made us some lunch and then we took ourselves off for a walk around some of the Attenborough Nature Reserve.


We did not walk around the whole site, but did manage to walk around the main pond. Keith is still struggling with his back, so we did not want to over do it. On our way round we did sit down part way round so he could rest.


I rescued a Froglet who was going to get either mown down by a bike or trodden on by a walker.


Ratcliffe Power Station.


Take your pick.


Gravel extraction is still on going and yet the wildlife are very happy.



Delta Sanctuary where the Bittern has been seen in the Winter.

The reserve is a fantastic place and definitely worth a visit. Next time we come this way we will stop and do the whole site, providing Keith’s back is ok of course. We strolled back in the afternoon sunshine past the Marina, club, cafe and chandlery with its pirate.



Love this landing craft.


Beeston Lock Cottage is very pretty.


Along the cottage is a short arm of water, where a lock used to be.


The lock used to take shallow drafted boats down on to the river, but now the canal is the only route.

Back on the boat we opened the boat up to let some air run through the cabin as it was warming up. Paddy and Marmite both went out on the back counter to take in the last of the afternoon sunshine. Dinner tonight will be another salad as it is to hot to cook again.

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