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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Moored above Cromwell lock, the extent of our journey down the River Trent.

Map picture

Travelled 3.73 miles, worked 1 lock in a time of 2 hours.

We spent a couple of lovely days in Newark and soaked up everything it had to offer in the way of its history and shops.


We walked around the castle gardens.


Yes that is us taken from the castle.


The town is delightful and has some wonderful old buildings.


Plus a large Market square.


The Palace Theatre.


Newark is a beautiful little town and it is somewhere we will visit again. It has several Antique shops and centres which of course we just had to look around.


The Castle looked incredible last night as dusk took over.


This morning before leaving Newark we walked into the town to have a look around the Wednesday Market which is large and has lots of interesting stalls.


There was nothing we really needed, but there is no harm in being nosey.


We left at 11 am passing Castle Barge.


We pulled into the moorings below Nether lock to empty both toilet cassettes, unfortunately whilst trying to pick one up Keith’s back went again, so he is back to hobbling around like an old man. I took both the cassettes up to the sanitary station on the small trolley. One of the lock keepers very kindly opened the door to the Elsan for me and I needed his help again, because having emptied the second of the cassettes, the screw on cap fell down into the Elsan, thankfully it was floating, but how to get it out of what was a long tube. There was no way my arm was going to reach it, so I asked the C&RT man if he had a litter picker, which he did have, so I used it to retrieve my Cassette cap phew. The Railway ahead is the East Coast Main line.


North Muskham Church.


Stunning cruise along a beautiful river.


Mass dipping to stay cool.


Cromwell lock. We winding at the lock and moored up on the pontoon.


After some lunch we walked down to Cromwell Lock, I find it is best to keep on the move when his back is playing up.


Near the lock is a memorial to the  ten members of the 131 Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers were killed after a power failure caused the navigation lights on the weir to go out and their boat went over the weir in September 1975. So very tragic.


Remains of a Roman bridge that carried the original Great North Road over the Trent.


The weir, also known as the Devils Cauldron. Below this weir and the lock the River Trent becomes tidal.


Spigot Mortor Mount fixed to the ground near an old ammunition shed. It is thought that this gun was manned by women in the Home Guard during World War II, because there was a worry that the River Trent would be a target.

The lock is very well kept and the C&RT lock keepers are very helpful. On the pontoon we have water and electric hook up, which you need a card for, so having a card left over from the River Severn a couple of years ago, we decided to take advantage of having a chance to topping our batteries up. It also gave me the opportunity to use my sander on one of the galley doors, which needs attention. Door all done, it was time to turn my attention to dinner and we are going to have a BBQ for the first time this year. More tomorrow.

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